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    Very, very nice. I really like the Palpatine paint job.
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    Sharad Hett

    Wow! Can't believe how long it's been since I posted a new custom. I am truly appalled at myself. Anyway, here's my custom Sharad Hett. I haven't put a clear coat on him yet and I need some dulling spray to take the shine off his boots. I'll post another pic once he's finished, plus a pic of his son Asharad, once he's done. Enjoy!
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    Here is an EU custom I made, based mostly off some of my EU art.
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    custom 12" Cay Qel Droma

    Here's a custom 12" Cay Qel Droma (from the Tales of the Jedi comic series) I had made years ago. It had gotten lost in a move, and he just re-surfaced when I was going through some boxes in storage.

    Here's a breakdown of the custom:

    Head = GI Joe head w/sculpy hair (then painted the hair & eyebrows)

    Body = early SW/GIJoe HOF style body. The reason I used this crappy body is explained below...

    Robotic arm = Stripped the "flesh" (rubber) off the HOF arm which exposed an inner skeleton (this also increased articulation). Then I glued on various Spawn parts (hand from the Manga Clown) and painted it silver w/black wash.

    Lightsaber = An exhaust from a action fleet X-wing, plus other various parts glued together. Then painted silver w/black wash (blue blade from a early 12" luke).

    Clothes = various items from the old "soldiers of the world" 12" line. Belt from a luke 12"er, cape is just some fabric I got at a fabric store.

    So there it is! It actually took a while and was quite a bit of work. I had to sew, and I had no idea how to do it. But in the end, I was very hapy with it!

    What do you think?


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