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    K-Mart Exclusive card watch

    Hi guys! I dropped in K-mart and bought some army buildin' Super Battle Droids and got a few 'exclusive' cards in return. Instead of one per purchase they gave me one card per TOY. Cool. Has anyone else's K-Mart been this generous? I guess they figured if we wanted we could stand in line and buy each figure individually, so they beat us to the punch.

    I also wanted to know what kind of "prizes" you guys are getting. So far I got
    "Buy three regular figures, get a Deluxe figure Free" and
    "$2 off a Star Wars Lightsabers Twin Comforter" Hooray!

    I'm gonna win me a lifesize R2 and 3PO!
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    I bought a Boba Fett there today, first time I have found the lil punk in stores and got one of the cards. Ended up getting a coupon saying:

    "Buy 2 Basic Figures, Get a Basic Lightsaber Free"

    I would rather have gotten the free Deluxe figure one.

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    They are being generous. I scored the Padme and Jango cards for 1 figure purchase. Both of them got me the buy 3 figs and get a deluxe free. I might hold out and wait for some newer, better ones to come out or I might pick up an extra Mace figure for the battle droid for my killer arena diorama I got planned and use the Mace for parts to make a Jerec fig from DF2 Jedi Knight. Anybody else win anything good or different?

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    Hmm, guess I should hit the K-Marts around here, suppose I could check'em out for army builders and the last background figures I need.
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    I got one that was "buy 1 SW Game of Stratego, get 1 figure free." My friend got 2 that said "buy 2 figures, get 1 free." I thought that was a pretty sweet deal, myself.
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    They told me one per purchase, not one per toy. So I did the perfectly logical thing to show them that their thinking was out of line. It was very early on Sunday morning. So I bought $1.49 Star Wars game cards and made her ring them up one at a time, with a card for each purchase. I think maybe the policy changed.

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    Dang, I wish all the K-Marts in my area hadn't been closed....

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    I purchased the 12" Anakin & clone trooper for $16.99. So I returned the ones I had @ Kay-bee. Their price $21.99 & they don't price match. Even though their figures r on sale this week for $5.99. But the regular price is $7.99. I haven't read/heard anything about the exclusive Red clone trooper. But I guess the price will be around $21-25.

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    I got 2 "Free lightsaber with 2 figures" and "Free puzzle with [something, I forget]" cards. I'd like the 3 Deluxes and 1 Free" card. I'll probably keep trying this week, filling in those pegwarmers Super Droid, Obi-Wan, Anakin Peasant, and/or Kit, Jar Jar, etc. At $5.99, that's about the lowest going price (Wal*Mart saves you $.11), and the cheapest for Deluxes ($8.99).
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    I went ot two Kmarts Sunday morning.Looking for fig fro a friend because I had what I wanted.Got to the first one and decided to get the DLX Mace.couldn't find the figs iwas there for.They gave me the Anakin card it's good for a free basic light saber with Two basic fig purchase.My wife wanted to check out another Kmart to see if we could get a different card.Like I said I didn't need anything, so I said I'd g to the different Kmart she'd take the mace and return him get the cash and I'd buy him right back(I picked that particular one for the paint job).Anyway If I found the figs I was trying to find I'd use the first card I had to get the saber.She returned and I waited a few minutes,A kid puts the Mace on the shelf and I take him up front.Still didn't find the other figures.The second card is Padme' and is a get a $2.99 puzzle with purchase of Star Wars Life Game.I'm going back in the next few days to see what I can come up with.
    Bye to all.thanks for some good times.


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