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    ESB Emperror Hologram

    How many of you think the the hologram of the Emperror in ESB should be redone with Ian McDiarmid instead of leaving it with that elderly lady doing the face and that Clive guy doing the voice?

    In my opinion I think it should be redone.

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    Yeah, it'll seem out of place since Ian McDiarmond will be doing all three prequels.

    Of course, I've already stated my position on having untouched versions of the movies available on DVD separately from any new Special Edition DVD's.
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    I agree, I would like it much better with McDiarmid.

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    In my opinion this should have been done for the Special Edition in '97 !

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    Originally posted by Fulit
    I agree, I would like it much better with McDiarmid.
    Couldn't agree with you more
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    I think Clive Revill did a fine job diong the voice of the emp in ESB, and this is certainly not a slam against his work, but it really doesn't fit with the rest of the movies and should be replaced, and now is the time to do it since Ian McDiarmid is still around and able to do it.
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    I agree, it just doesn't seem to fit. Mcdiarmid as far as I'm concerned is the Emperor.
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    I am SO with you guys on this one... I think I may have said the same thing in the "What should they do for the 'Archival Editions' DVD".

    Ian does such a great job playing that hissing Emperor in ROTJ that he totally steals the show a couple of times. The Emperor played by Clive is so understated (good, but very different) in comparison. I think that, for continuity's sake, they should definitely "fix" the scene.
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    Also, beside the actor issue, the Emperor Holo in ESB looks like someone boxed him in both eyes. It doesn't look right what they tried to do with the special effects. Wasn't this because they put some animal's eyes over Revill's to achieve that effect? I think I remember reading that somewhere, but I could be crazy. At any rate, the whole thing should be redone. I'm currently working on a plan to kidnap and clone GL and McCallum, stash the originals somewhere, and re-educate the clones. Something like that. I'll let you know how it turns out. Ok, I've had way too much caffeine today.

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    Alright so we all agree? First an untouched edition of the classic trilogy, and a super special edition. Sounds good to me.

    But that would be cool.
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