I'm trying to fill in the gaps of my collection so I need some figures C-8 to C-10 on card. Help a fellow collector out.

Here is what I need:
- Sio Bibble
- TC-14
- R2-B1
- Queen Amidala (Naboo Battle Gear, ascention gun)
- Jar-Jar Binks (Swimming)
- Destroyer Droid (Exploding)
- Pit Droid (2-pack)
- Darth Sidious (Holograph)

Give me a price and I will pay if the price is right.

Here is what I have to trade if you would like to trade too.

- Taun We x2
- Royal Guard
- Yoda
- Anakin HD
- Count Dooku

- C-3PO
- Darth Maul (Jedi Duel) x2
- Destroyer Droid x2
- Queen Amidala (Naboo)