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    Question The Dooku Variation Possibility!

    If you haven't seen the story here it is:

    So what do you think? I hate to say it if this is a big change. I just don't want people to pay big bucks in case it turns out to be a fluke...which it could very well be.

    The good thing is that they are so small and it is hard to tell, so maybe people won't care or be able to tell which is which.

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    If you look at the "eye" detail, the 2nd version is still looking forward so it appears the edge on the original version was just pushed downwards so quite possibly it could just be a mold defect.
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    I think that it could be a difference in the temperature of the plastics when the hologram was shot combined with the hologram fig being loaded into the bubble tray at a slightly different angle than the other. Temperature differences could cause texture differences, drooping, and other changes.
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    You guys have a good eye for detail. Thrawn, since you have availibility to both figures look at something else. Look at the neck/ upper collar bone section. It looks like (from the scan) that the figure on the right has an extra "roll" of the cloak hood tucked in there. This could be just the scan or the way the light is reflecting off of the plastic.

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    I'd guess mold defect, too! I was lucky enough to score a 12" Obi, Anakin & Clonetrooper at K-Mart a week before the 23rd. I thought the Clonetropper helmet looked funny when I got it. On Tuesday, when all retailers finally put out their stock, I compared them. Oh man, did I do an exchange so fast your head would spin!!!THe original looked almost caved in on the sides where it swoops down like, too much heat or something. It appeared almost like a human head couldn't have fit inside. Definitely a mold defect!
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    My guess would be a fluke.I got mine 12:05 Tuesday morning and have been studying him for few minutes.He's small and translucent so I makes it hard but mine looks very much like the down version.The "original" forward one may actually be the fluke.See what I mean?I'll be glad when there are more around to able to get more first hand input.I don't hunt variations anyway.
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    I have to change my mind.I had my wife look at it and she pointed out a couple things.One of which was mentioned here before.She thinks mine's the forward one.The collars are different and the shape and curvature of the sides of his hood are different.I really hate to say it,but I think now they are two different scults.It's really is hard to tell though.
    disregaurd this post excecpt for this.upon further examination mine is the down one.The hood curvature is the sameAnd if you stand him up not in your hand,he's looking down.?????????????????????????????????????????
    Some one please give me a scan of more angles of this.The slope at the top of his head would have to show something if it's truely different.
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    Itís a mold defect, when looking at the scan, you can see the difference in neck size, the one looking up has a much slimmer neck, and the plastic has congealed around the face, this elevates the head, and you can see in the top scans that the cloak is tapers in closer because of the plastic around the face, instead of the neck. As was stated this is most likely to happen when the figure is set to cool, or if it was one of the last out of a batch before the mold was changed. In all likely hood, it has more to do with the fact that these figures are being made on the cheap, (like the paint problems with the clone trooper) but hey what do you want for $5.99?
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    It looks like the head was just angled when the figurine was placed into the bubble holder. The head plastic is soft, and my green lightsabers were both bent, so I think it's just poor packaging.
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    Well guys I am pretty new to this forum but, I compared my two dookus w/ 2 of friends dookus and it looks like we have 1 sidious that definitely looks down, 2 that look forward and 1 that we cant make a decision on. I will post a pic as soon as we can get a decent one.


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