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    The next episode I will put on is VERY Star Warsy in that Trip helps a Princess escape and argues with her every step of the way - sound familiar?

    Trip's such a great character!
    That one reminded more of that TNG episode where some Ferengi crack open that stasis egg with an female empath played by Famke "Jean Grey" Jansson inside. Picard had to confine her to quarters and chaperone her at all times because she was driving all the men aboard Enterprise nuts.

    Trip's princess had similar neck markings to the TNG empath too. At first I thought she might've even been a Trill.

    I liked this week's episode where they haul in a derelict spacecraft with a dead human pilot. Another time-travel one, but I love those.
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    That's toward the end of Season 2. There was a nice firefight with the first appearance of the Tholians in that one, not to mention more Suliban action.

    I'm watching Season 3 now - the war with the Xindi. Very cool so far. I need to catch up on the Season 3 thread we had here and see what everyone said back then (2003-2004 I think).

    The show got better and better IMO - more exciting and more action. On MySpace, there are a lot of newbies entering the Enterprise-only Star Trek group who watch Captain Archer on Spike or Sci-Fi, wherever, and it is their first intro to Star Trek and what made them a fan. Now they're watching all the series. Go figure.
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