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Well, we know the crew is going to make some mistakes by not having a concrete non-interference directive.

Once John and Travis staged that internment camp escape, what do you think is going to happen next?

Will there be some kind of organized Sulibaan resistance to The Cabal?

Archer pretty much hates Sillik - and for this captain to hate anyone it's gotta be pretty severe. Archer is the most easy-going Captain in the history of all 5 shows!

So why didn't he just cooperate with the Regallians (?) anyway, and try and use his information to improve the living conditions of the Sulibaan refugees?

Meanwhile, did that one ever see his wife again? If they broke out of one camp, where would they go without their loved ones in others? They're not going to leave family members behind are they? They're going to have to go back and raid the other camps we did not see in this episode.

Cool flying and shooting by Trip - the effects looked especially real this time!

Anyway, now is Earth or at least Archer going to be in-for-it with the Regallians?

Who thought the scenes with Travis being prejudiced and then encountering a Sulibaan who felt the reverse for him was just a little too cliche. I like Star Trek when it has a subtext to it, but that part of the episode was just plain preachy and too phony as it was scripted.

Your thoughts?