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    Unhappy Dryrotting Cave Troll?

    I bought the LOTR Cave Troll a couple months back and have since noticed a disturbing development. His face is literally cracking apart and falling off!!! It looks similar to dryrotted seals on a car door. I live in the desert, which is a very dry, hot climate; so that may be the culprit. Anybody else having this happen to their Cave Troll? Can it be prevented?

    This Cave Troll I have now is a total loss; but I want to know if I should even bother buying a new one?

    Now that I think about it, I should contact Toy Biz and complain. I might score a free figure or, if they are anything like Hasbro, a long wait on hold and a swift blow-off.
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    Yeah, that's happening to my mounted Ringwraith too.....

    I just put it back in the box, and stored it in a cool, dry place.....
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