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    A little power corrupts absolutely

    I'm getting sick of the employees at K-mart, Wal-Mart, TRU and pretty much at any of the retailers that carry Star Wars. They all give me flak every single time I try to get a rebate on items that have gone on sale and the recent sale on Saga toys is no exception. I had bought some figs before the sale at K-mart began. Took back the receipt on the day of the sale and the holier-than-thou buck-toothed gal behind "Customer Service" grudginly refunded me the difference for the figs but wouldn't give up a "Scratch-n-Win" card even though I had purchased EPII figs. Her reason being that only figs purchased from the start to the end of the sale qualified for a free game piece not figs or merchandise purchased prior to the sale. The same as always I kindly asked here to page a manager and ten minutes later I got one game piece even though I had bought 5 figs: shouldn't that be worth 5 game pieces?. Nor would she give me a rebate on preview figs which I had bought less then 30 days before but when I pointed out on the receipt where it stated I could return the figs until June for a full refund of the purchase price she didn't seem to understand that by returning them I would effectively be taking my business elsewhwere or did she seem to really care. The Coup de grace was that she requested a fellow employee bring over some game cards and when he brought over a fist full she said she only wanted a few because she didn't want to be bothered with handing out a bunch of them. Basically she didn't want to be bothered with doing her job.

    I wish I could say she was the exception instead of the rule but I can't. She embodies every employee I've had to deal with since I began collecting when it's anything above just purchasing merchandise. Is my money a different color? I work in retail so I don't want to be one of those customers that yells and screams to get their way, because I hate it when people do that to me, but it seems that the only way to get anywhwere with "Customer Service" is to be equally as rude as they are. I mean, I'm not rich so if I can get a $1.00 back per figure you bet I will because that equates to more figs I can purchase.

    Why do I always have to talk with a manager, district manager, or corporate for a few messily bucks? Why have "Customer Service" (sarcasm) employees been trained to be rude or is just a natural response to the typical rude customer returning itmes that they have to deal with on a daily basis? I treat them with respect and get nothing but attitude for my trouble.

    Well I just had to get that off my chest, and now back to our regularly scheduled programming.
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    Hey, I'm with you pal. I've never advocated the verbal bashing of retail employees for no reason in particular, but when they fail to do THEIR job like this, give 'em Hell!!!

    I think with the massive amounts of Saga toys when compared to the rather small quanitity of POTJ over the past few years, employees are seeing more action from the "collecting community." Henceforth, have more to gripe about. The worst is when you see an employee standing around, you go to ask them a question and they get snooty because you "interrupted"them.

    My thought of the matter is this; we all have jobs to do. If everyone did their job to the fullest of it's own capacities, we'd all be better off. I don't mind it when an employee doesn't know every little detail about the new star wars figures, because I don't expect them to know. I do mind it when they don't do their job though.
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    That's weird, I got really good customer service at Kmart recently. First time, the customer service desk guy price-matched my figure to WM prices even though I couldn't find the receipt simply because he too had gone to midnight madness and knew TRU had the $5.99 price, "so Wal Mart must be lower than that!". He was really cool about it.

    Then, yesterday I bought a couple figs on sale, the checker didn't have any cards, so I went to the customer service desk and asked, and they gave me 4 cards even though I only bought 3 Star Wars items (2 hasbro figs and a lego set)! It turns out, the rules in the flyer say only one per visit and if you want free cards, you have to mail to the address on the back of one of the cards, but these folks were super-nice to me.

    That's not to say I haven't had many bad experiences in the past, but I try to treat each one as an adventure and I go in with a good attitude no matter what, and mostly I get fair treatment.
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    I always get good customer service, because I treat the employees with the respect they deserve.....then again, they all pretty much know it's a twofold thing.......

    They respect me, and I respect them.....
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