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    How far along are you?

    Which wave are you up to.
    Over here in England I am on the Sandtrooper wave and have been since June. Normaly I get the figures on import fairly quikly but just lately I can't get anything.

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    The most recent wave, which I have had no success in finding, is the one with Darth Vader (Emperor's Wrath) & Han Solo (Death Star Escape).

    It seems that the shipments are scattered about the country in pockets, but generally have not gotten an even distribution at this point.
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    Around here I just found the sandtrooper and not much else.
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    The Wal-Marts over here had the Duro wave. Emphasis on HAD.
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    What are you up to?

    All except the TIE Inceptor, which i plan to get immediatly, and the Darth, Luke, Han, Shmi, Obi Wave, then ill be set till deluxe, and the zutton wave, and the exclusives
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    I have everything up to and including the Duro wave. I'm waiting to see if i can get a cheap interceptor from my source but that won't be for a while and probably at the same time as I get the Shmi wave. Oh, do you include the dirty biker scout in this? I don't have one yet but i'm a lookin' to find one real soon. Got three clean ones and three sandtroopers. By the looks of things, it's gonna be an expensive winter baggin' all these goodies that's comin' out.

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    Well, my mom says I can finally take the plastic sheets off my bed if I don't drink anything after 8 o'clock. Oh, you mean as far as figures go...

    All I need, except for the brand new stuff, are Lando and R2-Q5 which are non-existent. I also want to get the clean trooper, but I don't think Hasbro will put any more out and I won't pay a scalper for one.
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    Thumbs up

    Emperor's wrath wave, but only in special stores (SW stores that is).
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    Talking Los Angeles

    In L.A. we've gotten up to the Shmi wave for the little guys, the new Death Star 12"ers for the big guys, and the Tie Interceptors - Palm Talkers have been spotted as well. But we haven't seen the Vader wave or Deluxe figures yet...

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    By the size of my belly, I'd say I'm at about seven months.....


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