View Poll Results: How are people behaving in the toy isles?

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  • People are sharing and no one's getting upset.

    144 62.88%
  • There's a few troublemakers, but moreover an orderly shopping procession.

    55 24.02%
  • There's some serious running and pushing!

    16 6.99%
  • I've witnessed or been part of a serious knock-down brawl over some action figures!

    8 3.49%
  • The aisles are fairly empty, nobody's looking.

    6 2.62%
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    How are people behaving in the stores?

    It's been about a week since Midnight Madness. Think back to then - and now...

    How are people behaving in the toy isles when you last went to buy new Star Wars?

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    At Episode 2 Toy's release I have Seen many generous people. But at the Episode 1 Toy release, I saw A mother and her two kids
    where looking at the Episode 1 Toys and my friend and I where talking too themand looking at the figures, a Fifteen year old kid comes over and he has the Tattioone Maul and everyones looking at it and he tells the mother "Hey you want this,I'll Give it to you"
    the lady says no Thank you even though she wanted it for her kids. And the Guy says Well Good I wasn't going to give it too you anyway Can You Believe That!!!!!!
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    Everyone has been great!

    Everytime I've went out since the 23rd, I've met other collectors, and everyone is really cool (so far.) I met a guy who collects with his kids, I thought that was great. I met another guy, he had all the geon warriors in his cart, asked what I was looking for, I told him Geon warriors, and he gave me 2 right out of his cart. Very cool all around. Everyone is telling everyone else were they saw what, and at what stores. What stores to avoid, etc. Very cool time right now, IMO.
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    Me too I had people being kind like that also!
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    Everyone has been great (the reason for this is that I am always the only one on the SW aisle when I go to the store!!!!!!!!!)

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    At MM this time around I was at my local Wal-Mart (TRU wasn't playing), everyone was polite and in a sharing mood. There was one lady, who before the stuff went on sale was asking the sales woman if she could have all of the 12 " figures! She didn't succeed, so there was plenty for everyone.
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    Everyone that I've run across has been pretty good, cept for the scalper sharks that live at wal-mart. There were a few incidents the 1st day, but minor things like trading this for that, if there weren't any left on the pegs. On guy was trying to sell figures even before he check out and personally bought the figs.

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    Well the one person I saw the whole time I was doing my shopping was real nice. I was pointing stuff to me and making small talk the whole time.
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    I didn't go to MM because I figure I'll be able to get all the figs I want in due time. I've been browsing the local WMs, TRUs and TGTs in my area and noticed not only there being very few other peops in the SW section, but that they've all been friendly. On one occasion I offered the last Baby Fett (at one location) to someone looking for one, and I've been offered several figs or information on locations that might have figs I'm looking for.
    All in all everyone's been very pleasant, if not very friendly.
    God forbid I run into any hoarding scalpers though...
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    Hi all I have been very lucky and the people have been great infact I bought for friends who could not find what they needed.
    there has been some dealer's/scalper's buying up certian pieces and trying to make a fast doller so I bought for friends and sold what I bought for. Buy before the dealers and scalper's those jawa scum.


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