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    Possible solution to HD Ani's removable arm...

    Okay, I was messing around with HD Anakin last night, and decided to remove both magnets in the arms and use a paper clip to make it sturdier, yet still removable. I removed the magnet from the stump first, using my knife, but I dropped it.

    Well, when I found it again (after searching around my floor) I noticed one end had some specs of brown where I had shaved off the paint, and one end had a spec of blue. When I moved the magnet closer to the severed portion of the arm, the blue end instantly jumped to it! So I flipped the magnet so the blue end was facing out and put the magnet back in the stump, and the rest of the arm like even tighter than Zam's arm! So I glued the magnet back in and left it, and now the lower half doesn't swivel or fall off so easily.

    It's an easy procedure. Other Ani's may not have the blue spec of paint like mine did, so mark the original end first before removing. Trust me, it's much better.

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    Hmm.... interesting solution. Too complicated for me though

    I just wound up using a paperclip to pin the arm on. I lost the articulation there, but it doesn't really bother me since his wrist is articulated anyway.

    The left "gimmicky" wrist on mine was broken so I had to fix that too. It was WAY too loose and when the saber was in his hand, the weight of the blade made it flop so that his wrist was upside down. It was tough but I pulled out the wrist as far as I could, & cut it off.

    then I pinned it back on with a paperclip also, but since most of the forearm is hollow, it was a little difficult. All in all it wass hard but I now have a gimmick-less Anakin HD who stays in one piece and looks cool!
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