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    Scalpers: Friends or Foe

    I posted this in another poll, and I thought I'd start a new thread, is anyone else thinking we need to stick it to the scalpers?

    I think we all need to band together and start boycotting Ebay, and the dirty dealers at the toy shows who tripple the price of an easy to find figure. The only thing we are doing, as collectors, is making prices higher for each other, and creating a frenzy over toys that will be abundant and easily available in the next few weeks or even after the movie. We are the ones who create the scalpers, and hoarders who live at wal mart, toys r us, target, etc. Because we can't wait and are willing to shell out major $$$ because we have this "gotta have it, need it attitude". These guys/gals pray on us and new releases, and there no reason for it.

    A good example is this weekend. I went to a comic/toy show and every where I looked dealers had the Episode II figs out. They were charging, 15-20 for yoda, I won't even say how much for a Dooku, 15 - 10 for the figures you could drive 3 blocks to target to pick up for 6 bucks. 50-60 for Tie Bomber, and Snow Speeders that are just starting to hit the shelves. And kids and adults were going nuts trying to finish off collections and paying whatever price, when they know they can get it cheaper down the road or later on clearance. Ya ever notice that all the toys hit a massive mark down? The AT-AT, the queens huge star ship, basic figures, play sets, 12" collection... Even if they do try to sell it off at a later date, there's a slim to zero chance you could ever get that initial high price again once the stuff is in ample supply. Would you pay 80 bucks for a snow speeder on line when you could go to wal-mart and get on clearance for 15? I know some people don't have a wal-mart, but sometimes you get it from their on line store or from a fellow collector who's not a scalper. Isn't that why we have that trade forum here?

    I do understand the mentality of "Its out, I gotta get it NOW" but honestly think about it, and take a breather. The toys are new, some stores are slow to stock, and some stores intentionally hold back cases (due to the morning scalpers who clear the pegs right after they are stocked. I know one wal-mart has started to fight back against the scalpers who circle like sharks every morning.)
    But just give it time, check the stores when your out and about, and odds are the missing figures will be there. They have been in the past.

    If we start to boycott the scalpers and ebay - I know its hard sometime - but the laws of supply and demand will take back over, and the scalpers will start to leave figures on the pegs when we the collectors aren't biting on their outrageous prices. Then we, the collectors, will find more than enough at a lower price haning on store pegs. If they can't turn a 200% profit, they won't buy 13 to 15 of the "hot" figs.

    We just need to slow down and not panic about getting figs 1st. A week wait or two for collecting isn't going to make or break a diarama, or office desk. If you're selling or planning on selling, yes, a week or two could kill your 200% profit margin, but hey, aren't we trying to get away from that?

    Or am I just alone in this thinking?

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    Like Tommy Lee Jones said in MIB: "A person is smart. People are dumb."

    See, people think they'll having bragging rights and such and that if it's at a scalper's table, then it's not gonna be anywhere else.

    You'll never be able to stop them all unfortunetly...and scalpers will always be.
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    Yes I agree with you to a point, but scalpers aren't true collectors. The live in the moment and we all know that hasbro plays games and floods the market on things. I know I've slapped my head a few times when I cave and buy things that are marked up, and about 2 weeks later, I find it on the shelves...

    We can't get rid of them all, but we can at least help lower scalper prices. Since they aren't true collectors, they hate having a lot of product around that doesn't move, and will take a loss if things aren't moving. Hence if we avoid them, don't cave, we can control the secondary market value of the stuff.

    Yes, I agree, people ARE dumb, what good are bragging rights to friends, when they pay half as much as you tomorrow. But remember that if a scalper has it, its out there, and will continue to be out there. They don't get it from Hasbro directly, they don't fly over seas to get it, they find it at the same places you shop.

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    Foe.All that can be reached should boycott ebay,shows,and eevn some e-retilers that are really scalpers.Some don't buy direct ,they buy from walmart,Target and tru.
    Bye to all.thanks for some good times.

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    Glad to hear you think Foe too.

    So any ideas as to how to get the word around?

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    Boycotting Ebay as a whole isn't necissary, boycotting scalpers on Ebay is the thing, I have filled many holes in my POTJ colection from Ebay for decent prices. Not everyone on there is scalpers. While I would rather buy from retailers, an occassional Ebay purchase isn't bad. But this year nothing should be HTF, before long Dooku's will be dripping off the pegs just like Maul did. Heck, he was dripping off pegs at my local Wal-Mart a week ago.

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    maybe I should have phrased boycott Ebay better. Yes you can get deals, but aren't we just fighting one another as collectors to feed the frenzy of the scalpers?

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    Agreed Jar Jar.I would like it more if they were to find their way to sites like this instead of there.But hey it ain't a perfect world.
    Bye to all.thanks for some good times.

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    I'm with ya all the way tjovonovich! I'd like to relate a scalper story that I've posted in another thread before, but that was somehow deleted: There's this guy whom I believe owns a shop in my area. I've seen him at just about every store that sells figures in a fifty mile radius; ususally with a cart full of stuff that I want but can't get because he's just cleared the shelves. This gentleman (and I use the term VERY loosely!) also makes the rounds of all the local conventions and toy shows. His booth at these shows is usually OVERFLOWING with all the stuff everyone has been looking for (even the stuff we didn't think had shipped yet!), and it's all priced between 3 and 4 times retail! At one particular con several years back I played witness to the most DISGUSTING case of figure scalping EVER! It was during the time when McFarlane's original Angela figure was the holy grail for collectors. The figure had just started shipping and EVERYONE was out looking for her. This guy just so happened to have the only one at the con at the time, which he had displayed loose on his table. Everyone that walked by stopped to ask him if it was for sale, and for how much. Everyone who made the standard offer was told the same thing: "She's my only one" "not for sale" "just my display" "personal collecton". That is until this kid, about 13 or 14, comes along who apparently REALLY wanted it! The poor kid stood there haggling with this guy for several minutes before his offer reached 90 BUCKS! Now of course, the figure didn't really mean that much to Mr. Scalper. He agreed to sell Angela to this kid at what, at the time, had to have been about 10 to 12 times retail! The worst part was after the kid walked away. As soon as the poor guy was out of sight, the scumbag reaches under his table, and proceeds to pull out at least a couple CASES FULL of Angela's, still packaged and in mint condition. Now, I can't speak for certain, but I'm sure that particular figure never shipped from the distributor in FULL cases, which makes me wonder how he managed this particular feat! He starts selling them left and right for less than the $90 (but still well over retail!) he'd sold the loose "display" to the poor sap kid for! Seems that all along he just wanted to see how much he could get for the one he'd opened before he started selling his MIMP figures! Guys like this ruin the fun for everybody!

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    I don't sweat scalpers. I don't really care, since I don't collect figures carded. I can either find them in the store, or get them loose at a reasonable price later. I have bought marked up figures before, but usually only old ones. I also have a pre-set limit of what I will/won't pay for figures. Following that mantra, I have had no scalper problems. I sell stuff on ebay, not usually figures though. I think boycotting ebay as a whole is ridiculous. If you don't want to pay over x price, then don't bid over x price.

    Trying to rid the collecting world of toy scalpers is a noble idea, much like the idea of ridding our government of corrupt officials. As long as there is greed in the world, they will be there.
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