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    How will Episode III Begin? *Contains Episode 2 spoilers*

    We've seen that Uncle George likes repeated themes in his films. We all know each of the OT movies starts with a Star Destroyer. So far, if spoilers are correct, each of the PT will start with an unassuming transport ship flying in, landing, and being attacked. Will this motif be carried into E3, and how might it be done?
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    As stated in the Mace thread, after the opening scroll explains that the Clone Wars have been raging for a few years now and the Republic/Imperial army is on the ropes, they are attempting an all or nothing last stand by attacking the heart of the separatist's fortress, then it pans down to show a fleet of capital ships and fighters headed for a planet which turns into a HUGE Saving Private Ryan-esque landing and ground battle reminiscent of the battle of Hoth. Thus opens the third film.
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    it will probably start out with scrolling yellow text summarizing what happend after AOTC and then the camera will pan down to reveal a planet or space ship

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    I believe no one will now by now....
    TPM :Republic cruiser + Naboo
    AOTC:Naboo satrship + Coruscant
    EP3: ? + ?
    ANH: Tantive 4 + Tatooine
    ESB: Star Destroyer + HOTH
    ROTJ:Star Destroyer + Death Star II

    I believe that a reconseable ship, like republic destroyers or count dooku's will be the ship.......the planet must be a new one, nore coruscant or tatooine.......Geonosis has a chance, but little, so it could be Dagobah? hmmm can anticipate something, maybe Alderaan.....
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    Maybe it'll be Yoda piloting a custom Jedi Starfighter made for his size, that'd be awesome!

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    "Ahh, not enough room for the crotch, this starfighter's seat has."

    Yoda or Anakin will definitely kill Dooku on Dagobah. Dooku's dark side energy mutates the cave that Luke visits in ESB.

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    TPM :Republic cruiser + Naboo
    AOTC:Naboo satrship + Coruscant
    EP3: ? + ?
    ANH: Tantive 4 + Tatooine
    ESB: Star Destroyer + HOTH
    ROTJ:Star Destroyer + Death Star II


    EP3: Republic Military Cruiser + Concord Dawn
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    I very seriously doubt that Dooku dies on Dagobah.
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    I agree to that Jedi Clint not possible by a long shot.

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    Then where did the dark side energy come from?


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