Dear Hasbro, yes it's me again. The right royal pain in the backside

Would it be possible do you think, to create a Chewbacca figure that has a removable bandolier and satchel? Of all the eight or so Chewbacca figures since POTF2, there hasn't been a single solitary plain Chewbacca figure that is customisable. I don't expect you to start throwing out Wookiees left right and center but just one Chewbacca that can be customised into senator Yarua or whoever would be very nice thank you. It's just that you can't really customise the wookiee figures very well with all that molded onto their body. Most people aren't very skilled as sculptors and couldn't tell one end of a dremel from the other. So it would be really sweet of you to just put out one properly scaled Chewbacca that can be seperated from that bloody bandolier and satchel, so that something interesting can be created from him.

Love the sculpts on the last few BTW especially the 25th anniversary one with all that hair hanging down off his arms, really nicely done. Pity he's the best sculpt and posed so permanently.......................

Lots of love,