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    Have AOTC Background figures for trade

    I now have these MOMC figures for trade. The number after them indicates how many of each I have. Please PM me and let me know if you are interested in them by Thursday because I will be taking them back on Friday if no one is interested.

    Anakin Hangar Duel (2)
    Yoda (1)
    Battle Droid with Background (3)
    Geonosian Warrior with Background (3)
    R2-D2 with Background (1)

    I can also get any of the Preview figures and any other background figure EXCEPT for Dexter. Willing to purchase these figures as well if there are none you would like to trade for.

    Toy Fair Darth Vader (2)
    Celebration II Jorg Sacul (2)
    POTJ Teebo (1)
    POTJ Bo Shek (1)
    POTJ R4-M9 (1)
    POTJ Darth Maul Sith Apprentice (2)
    POTJ Scout Trooper (Clean Version) (2)
    POTJ Obi-Wan Kenobi Cold Weather Gear (1)
    EP I TC-14 (1)
    EP I R2-B1 (1)
    EP I Holograph Darth Sidious (2)
    EP I Jar Jar Binks Swimming (2)
    EP I Queen Amidala w/ Ascension Gun (2)
    EP I Pit Droids 2-pack (2)
    EP I Sio Bibble (2)
    EP I Nabbo Royal Guard (1)
    POTF2 Darth Vader w/ Removable Helmet (1)
    POTF2 Zuckuss (1)
    POTF2 Ishi Tibb (1)
    POTF2 Captain Piett (1)
    POTF2 EU Leia Organa Solo (2)
    POTF2 EU Clone Emperor (2)
    POTF2 EU Grand Admiral Thrawn (2)
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    I read you post. I actually have a few figures on your list that I have to trade and you have figures on your list that I need. All of the Aotc have background right? If yes, then I was wondering if you are willing to trade your:

    Anakin Hangar Duel (2)
    Yoda (1)

    I have been looking for these figures to complete my collection. this is the list that I have to trade:

    POTJ Teebo (1)
    POTJ Bo Shek (1)
    POTJ R4-M9 (1)

    I also have some of the other figurs you need, but they are all in the basement. There is no way I can get them out unless I get help. So do you want to trade your "Yoda," and " 2 Anakin Duel" both w/background for those three I have listed above?

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