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    Question How Do I remove the Sticker Residue?

    Hi Guys,

    I'm wondering how can i remove the sticker residue on the back of the card. I hate it when the store i buy my figures from paste a price tag on the card itself.


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    WD-40 works. It will loosen up that gooey sticker stuff.
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    Parafin or White Spirit also works. use small amounts at a time though.
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    I use a hair dryer to take off the usually doesnt leave residue.
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    For small price tags, peel off as much of the sticker as you can in 1 piece. Peel off all the paper you can, without tearing the card. Use the peeled piece of sticker, some of which contains the sticky glue still, and press down those peeled, sticky areas onto the sticky residue on the card. The sticky glue on the card will adhere to the sticky area of the peeled sticker. You can safely press the peeled sticker onto the card, lifting the sticky residue and not affecting the card.

    If the card has a magnetic security sticker (which usually have red metalic lines in the large sticker, DO NOT try to peel it off. Use a hairdryer to "melt" or soften the glue holding it on, and then safely pull it off the card.


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    I've never tried a hair dryer, so thanks.

    I'll usually use my Leatherman Knife, or use a razor, to lift one edge of the sticker and then flip my knife around to the needle nose plies end and use the pliers to get a firm grasp of the sticker an roll it back. Usually, there is only slight stick residue left and I blot it off with the peeled sticker.

    I did try rubbing alcohol on couple hard to remove stickers once but this will eventually tarnish the ink on the package.

    Does WD40 leave an oily residue???

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    Goo Gone. Used it many times. Buy it at Walmart. Wet a corner of a paper towel with the Goo Gone. Dab the sticker a bit, wait one or two minutes, peel and wipe clean. Never know the sticker was there.

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    Another vote for Goo Gone. Works quickly and doesn't harm the card or bubble. Target also carries it.
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    Goo Gone is great stuff. I was introduced to it at a video game store I used to work at. All the morons who put stickers all over their game systems and then want to sell them. Works like a charm!
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