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    Still not amused by the new lightsaber sculpt/style

    Alright, I'm trying to be creative in my displays tonight by having various Jedi face each other in battle. And I must say this new flashy effect at the base of the new lightsaber blades is not working for me. POTJ Old Ben is going up against AOTC Nikto, and while Ben has a nice, clean blade Nikto has this fuzzyness at the bottom of his lightsaber.

    What gives? Why did they do this? If the answer is that they were trying to capture the look of an igniting lightsaber, I'll say "nice try but I don't want to pose my figures with 'igniting' lightsabers . . . what's wrong with an ignited lightsaber?"

    *sigh* What say you all? Does this irritate you or is it negligible? Or do you actually like it?
    I was skeptical from the online pics, and now that I have a few Jedi figures I just don't like it.

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    Very much, it's not even what it looks like when igniting a lightsaber - unless you are bashing it against a wall while igniting.

    I noticed HD Anakin's 2 lightsabers and Dooku's lightsaber don't have as bad of the energy blasts as others do, but I wish they'd take them away. They said "they're supposed to capture the light better" well bull to that, cause all it does is make it an eyesore. The energy blasts are understandable on lightsaber ricochets, "exploding" parts, or firing guns, but not on lightsabers. It's not like they need the effects so the blade can host the removeable blade feature - Soft Goods Darth Maul's removeable blade worked fine.
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    I kind of like them. It gives the blades a little more personality, rather than being a long and flat, it has more of an "action" feel to it.

    That's just my opinion though, I see why people don't like them.
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    I like 'em too. I didn't think it was possible to add detail to a saber blade, but they did, and it looks great, IMO.

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    I like them as well, they add a nice detail to the blade, plus I rather have a lively, force looking lightsaber than a flat plastic, colored tube.
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    I think they stink. No, I'm not talking about "I sniffed it" like Tycho . I think they look terrible. It looks like sloppily moulded plastic and is just plain wrong. I don't they "catch the light" any better than the old ones. Oh, well...
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    I think they look really good. I'm glad they finally redesigned them, considering how many figures in the AOTC line are Jedis.

    I do dislke the fact that I can't display them with my earlier klightsabers though, because they just look wrong.
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    I like the EFFORT of trying to make them better.Still a little undecided if I like the result of the effort.
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    <SIGH> I guess we are just never destined to be matter what Hasbro does, we will find something wrong with it. Well, some of us. There are some of us who have other things to be concerned with, but what do we know?
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    I...I..really don't know.
    It's kinda better than a big outer white ring/glow around it. Wait that would be cool.
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