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    Disappointed sir, with a few exceptions. I don't feel the desire to buy most of them, so that doesn't say much for me about the entire line.

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    Of the figures I've found so far, I've been pretty impressed with the detail, but I have to agree that some of the stars' likenesses are oddly off considering that Gentle Giant did digital scans of the actors.

    I really like the changeable lightsaber blades and effects, but I'm disappointed that they didn't retain the 'hanging on the belt' pegs for when they're off. The Kit Fisto figure even has a hole in his belt for that feature, but none of the sabers have a way to hang.

    My biggest gripe, however, has to be that a lot of the figures have ceased to be 'action' figures. Static poses, and few options for posing (the Clonetrooper is a nice exception, and has articulation that I'd like to see included on future figures). I like detail and I like sculpting, but I most like to be able to play with my toys. Perhaps Habro could move to a system like 21st Century does with their newest WWII figures: A nicely sculpted set of arms for posing, and a set of GI Joe-style arms for play, along with aritculated hips, knees, and ankles?
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    AOTC figures are great!

    I love the new figures. The sculpt on them is great especially for a 3 & 3/4" figure. The ability to put on blaster "bolts" or other action features is a great addition to play value.

    One of my favorite innovations was the making of metal lightsaber hilts, and putting magnets in the hands of the Jedi so their lightsabers will "jump" into their hands! Finally we also get a Yoda with a lightsaber! Let's face it, Yoda is a great character, and now that he has a lightsaber, you can make him get mideivel on Count Dooku, or the Trade Federation!

    Jango Fett looks great, and the attention to detail on his armor, and even the removable helmet is too cool!

    I don't have the Royal Guard, Taun We, or Luminara yet, but I am sure they look excellent as well!

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    As a over all, it was about what I was expecting. About half the figures are great, the other half needs improvement. Like the Genonsain warrior and Zam Wessell are pretty good. Both have great sculpting and Zam's magnet works great along with her arm. But Hangar duel Anakin sucks. The magnet is too weak and the wheel (on my) stop works first thing. The "force effects" bother me a little but not enough to get me heated. But the pre-posed figures have me a bit heated.
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    Thumbs down action features sucks

    It's great all the blaster effects, and that the saber's blade are dettachable, but the action FX are wrong. And some of the sculpts are bad too. I should be able to make Obi-Wan hold his lightsaber with both hands.

    I'm really dissapointed.

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    I love the figures. I think they look good, and have nice playable features. But I do not like all the blast effect crap. What's up with that? The force effects are the worst. Plo Koon shoots a spider-man web, and Nikto has a nice twirly windmill. Nice.

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    I chose "what I expected" but that's because I didn't expect much. Many of the gimmicks are more annoying than entertaining, and both the gimmicks and the preposed nature get in the way of play and display. Far too many of the figures are preposed, which is annoying even with the nearly-worthless added articulation Hasbro added to make up for this.

    But the one area I'm really disappointed in is paint, the paint is mostly a mess, and those that avoided being messy are bland.

    Finally, while I love the new metal lightsaber handles, the paint on my Obi-Wan handle is coming off really fast. I kinda like the magnetic gimmicks on Ani OPD and Obi-Wan, but the magnets aren't strong enough and aren't hidden enough. The magnets in the hands of Deluxe Mace and Kit Fisto are WAY too weak, they barely hold the sabers in their hands!
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    Hi! I'm new.

    I think some of the figures are very cool (the Threepio, Jango, Boba, Capt. Typho, the Geonosian Warrior) but I would have 1., preferred the first Anakin Skywalker figure in his Padawan outfit, 2. would have preferred Padme in the white outfit in nut such an outrageous pose, and 3. would have liked Obi-Wan to be able to grip his lightsaber with both hands.

    So, the secondary characters are great, the main characters are not so great.
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    Yikes! I guess only a handful of us are having fun with these figs. I'm being choosey this time around as I suffer from Collector's Burnout, but I've really thought that the one's I have picked up . . . All Five . . . Have been pretty dang cool.

    R3-T7. What a Preview! This little guy is well done and I've been clamouring for a Clear Domed Astro Droid from day one. I even like his blue electro effect, but then I enjoy its zany sense of fun.

    I give them a big Kudos for even attempting the Threepio figure and I think it's pretty darn cool despite the slightly excessive bulk --- a very forgivable flaw due to the difficulties in creating such a figure. I can't stop playing with this guy . . .

    The updated "blinking" light, added ankle articulation as well as a spiffy and drastically improved new paint job all make the new R2-D2 a must have IMOP. Everybody keeps going it's just a lame rehash of the FX figure, but REALLY it's so much more than that. The Blinking light alone makes me smile.

    The Female Tuskin looks just great. I love the design of this gal. Even though she really is a one pose wonder. Of them all, I like this purchase the least, but I'm still glad I found her.

    Anakin with his Dreaded and much despised retractable light saber is a fun nod back to the vintage days in 1977. And the force effect work great on mine. That computer consol sure is sharp. Take off the lame cape and the vest in nicely detailed.

    In conclusion, I haven't had any problems with paint jobs. (And in the past this was definitely a very real problem . . . ) I looked over all my figures carefully --- but with only one exception (C3-P0) the very first figure I picked up wound up being the one I bought.

    Maybe it's just me, but why do some of you even bother collecting the toys? You hate this! You hate that! I dunno . . . when this hobby stops being fun for me, I'm just going to stop collecting. Many of you seem like you really could use a break.
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    I love the new figures. I think that the jango fetts are awesome and the metal lightsabers and the force action is sweet. the only thing I don't like is on figures like plo koon where my force thing doesn't fit in his hand. maybe other peoples do but mine is hard to fit in the hand and he doesn't stand but that is it. I love this line. i agree with Mark2d2 on the collectors kind of whining.


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