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    The AOTC line was dissapointing. I display my carded figures and the new packaging is inconsistent with the previous line; Padme's arm that pops up seems to be restricted to that pose unless you keep her waist twisted. The wheel on the back of another figure detracts from its realism; Sadly, Jar Jar is back again. Hasn't Hasbro learned from Ep one that Jar Jar is a peg warmer? I'd rather have more Royal Guards instead, especially since they have legs now! Good job Hasbro. Another plus for Hasbro is Jango Fett. I like his removable helmet and holsters that actually hold his weapons. I wish we'd see more functional holsters in other figures; I do not favor wide stances at all, nor do I like those add on F/X blasts.
    My personal preference is to stick with human like figures, or, ones that look cool. Some of the Jedi's and other creatures are too unappealing. I've passed up many a Taun We or Geonosian Warrior because I simply didn't like them. In fact of all the 27 figures released, I had a chance to buy them all, but, only walked away with six: Clone Trooper, Amidala, Jango Fett, Captain Typhoo, Royal Guard and Count Dooku. The plus is I'll save a lot of money. I project we're going to have quite a few peg warmers again.
    One last crticism is with the variations of the same figure. What a marketing ploy! For example, Jango Fett came out in the Sneak Preview and he'll be out later. I will only buy the most functional and realistic of the three and take back the rest. Hard core collectors will buy them all and keep buying whatever variation Hasbro puts out. The key is knowing how many consumers will actually do that. Right now, there are a lot of him sitting on shelves which is surprising. I don't think he'll have the following Boba Fett did.
    My suggestion is to stick with the cool looking figures and produce enough of them. Two Royal Guards per case is insufficient. If collectors want diversity, they can get the Taun We's and weird Jedi's off the Fan Club. Hasbro can produce a few just for those collectors. Finally, enough of those variations. Keep it up and Hasbro will continue to operate at a loss as that marketing ploy will backfire due to insufficient demand. The consumer is smarter than you think. Thanks for reading and happy shopping.

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    Originally posted by yngadult
    My suggestion is to stick with the cool looking figures and produce enough of them. Two Royal Guards per case is insufficient. If collectors want diversity, they can get the Taun We's and weird Jedi's off the Fan Club. Hasbro can produce a few just for those collectors. Finally, enough of those variations. Keep it up and Hasbro will continue to operate at a loss as that marketing ploy will backfire due to insufficient demand. The consumer is smarter than you think. Thanks for reading and happy shopping.
    Why bother then? I'm sorry yngadult, but to many of us that are "completests" the thought of paying $7.99 plus shipping and then top it off with having to wait for the thing to come either by USPS or UPS defeats the purpose of collecting! I will use internet sites and buy from them, but only when I know I can't find what I want in the stores. To say that only human figures should be made is taking a large componant out of the STAR WARS universe.

    I disagree with your suggestion and hope that Hasbro will continue to make many many fine figures. Let's face it, sure Jar Jar is an annoying pest, and a highly potential peg-warmer, but I would still want to have Senator Jar Jar then to find out the figure was scrapped due to lack of interest.

    Sure Hasbro can't appease everyone, but they try! All the variations make collecting figures so much better in my view! I can't tell you how many times I have wanted to get a Stormtrooper with a blast mark on him, and Hasbro produced the Comm-Tech ST. I have also wanted a Palpatine that sat in his throne, and thanks to the Cinema Scenes line, we got "Final Jedi Duel" with Vader, Luke and Palpatine!

    Your idea while it may appeal to a small group does not speak for the vast majority. I'm not claiming mine does either for that matter, however, I would much rather see Hasbro produce and distrubte a lot of figures evenly, versus limited quantities of a few figures because it makes my life a lot more entertaining to hunt!

    However, I agree with a lot of people in thinking the background card idea was a waste. In my view, either do the entire like like this so you can build a diorama, or don't do it at all! This business of some with, and some without is a bit rediculous!

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    I just wanted to make a note for Jango Fett fans :

    There are a lot of him on the racks because he IS a high demand figure and Hasbro shipped him 4 per case! Smart on their part, or Jango would have been Episode 2's "Darth Maul."

    (this doesn't apply to Count Dooku or Yoda because they will be available in larger quantities later. It was just a limited amount of the next case got out earlier than Hasbro originally anticipated, because they wanted to try and make as many figures as possible available early on...)

    Anyway, the case breakdown is something like:

    1) Padme
    1) C-3PO
    2) SuperDroids
    1) Kit Fisto
    2) Jango Fetts
    2) Obi-Wans
    2) Anakins
    1) R2D2

    Don't hold me to that. Thrawn or Steve have it posted in the case assortment section.

    But to further an answer about the inevitable Jango Fett resculpts: for those of us doing dioramas, it would be nice to have a different Fett figure to use in different scenes, versus buying a whole ton of 1 particular sculpt.

    Finally, of course he uses different weapons during different times in the movie, but he also wears a different backback on Geonosis, than he uses on Kamino.

    The Arena Battle Jango (with Flame-Thrower) and the Deluxe Jango are from Geonosis.

    Sneak Peak and Kamino, are from Kamino. (just when you never would have guessed that....)

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    When I saw the proto pics I didn't really like them; so I planned to buy only a select few which is what I did. If anything a few of the figures have exceeded my expectations.

    However, since I only saw two figures I really liked on 23 April, I picked "what I expected."
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    At first, I didn't like most of them. Then as we saw pics of later waves, I liked them more. However, now that I have many of them, a lot of my faves are those that I didn't think I'd like. One of my favorites is Padme, which I didn't even plan on getting until I saw it on the pegs.

    Overall, I'm impressed by 75-80% of the line. I like a couple of the action features, and overall, I like the line so far.
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    I choose what I expected and I was expecting them not to be as good as POTJ. Honestly, the only good thing which doesn't matter what so ever was the balst effects and some of them like Mace's and Plo Koon's were not that good. POTJ was much better. It offered much better sculpts and the figures looked like they came from the movie. Play features honestly kill the figure and like I said I don't think those blast effect things need to come with every figure. I mean come on with a New Hope we get a Dejus Phur with a blast effect when the only person with a blast thingy like on R3-T7 we need is for an R2-D2 that gets shot by a Jawa. I liked BoShek more in the fact he came without blast effects. Blast effects are good but as I said a million times are over done. Play features have to go.
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    I'm really impressed with the new figures, especially the new Jedi (what can I say, I'm a sucker for new Jedi). I like the new force actions and effects that they come with, and the metal lightsabers are a great touch. Unlike alot of people obviously, I don't have any trouble with my HD Anakin. The play features are great, they add fun to the line in my opinion. As much as we as collectors love these figures, Hasbro is trying to appease both us and the kids who do alot to support the line, most of the figures of lesser known characters are the ones that become peg warmers (unless there made in smaller #s that make them impossible to find).
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    Though the figures meet and/or match my expectations, the one thing I noticed on all the figures (previews included) is the incredibly cheap plastic Hasbro used on the accessories. It's difficult to get the figures to hold their weapons right because the guns bend instead of going into their hands! I had a hard time putting Captain Typho's gun in it's "holster" cause the peg isn't strong enough to be shoved into the hole. And I won't even talk about Anakin's telescoping lightsaber. I appreciate Hasbro kickin' it back to the Kenner days, but it kinda looks goofy. And what's the deal with the Clone Trooper's rock? Enough hate. I'm overall happy with these toys. Slave 1 rocks. Luminara is a sweet figure. Hanger dual Anakin is awesome. And Natalie Portman in a belly shirt! Can't wait for Luke and Leia's conception Padme!

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    and they will HAVE to do that Padme.

    Think about it. How can Luke and Leia be born if Padme isn't already 7-9 months pregnant BEFORE the fictional time that marks the start of the Episode 3 movie.

    In other words, she will have to be pregnant almost the entire time of the whole movie, or the kids will have to be born close to the beginning of the movie which I haven't seen speculated on before. But please do that in the FILMS / E3 Spoiler section. (Try the Mace's Death Thread - it is the secret speculative plot to E3 - based on a LOT of E2 spoilers though, so be forewarned).

    I merely brought this up, because the chances of having a pregnant Padme figure are really good. (Not that it's a personal desire of mine). It is just logical continuity, and pregancy is not a twisted, taboo thing - and it IS something that's very important to SW, or no Luke and Leia could be born.

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    The new EP2 figures seem cool. It looks like the ones still to come out like Bespin Luke and Vader will be better. I like the R2-D2 because of the button that makes him talk and light up. They should have made all the jedi's saber's light up with a press of a button on their body.

    However I do not like Padme's shoulder where you can see the circle indent and all that clear plastic force effect stuff in most of the blister packs.


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