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    I think the figures are great!! The only think I don't like is the wide stance>Why can't hasbro make them all with joints in the knees or include display stands with them.Most of them are to hard to display.They almost always fall over and then you have a domino effect.I do like the metal sabers and the add ons!!

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    Frist i would have to say its STAR WARS so i will buy it any way now with that said the new blue package looks good the figures to me all look good i do love that the figures now are numbered
    that to me great in collecting
    now for what hate and i do mean hate is that E2 AOTC dont have a set just by them self i do want the other figures
    just not in the same set E2 should have a card for its self
    and if hasbro wants to put something with the figures like they started to with the backgrounds the should bring back coins or the freeze frames that
    is something worth collecting by them self
    also hasbro should look at the GIJoe line with joints so figures can move and not have 1 pose but on the other handi dont play with mine or open mine and the way the look in the package looks better thay the GIJoes and i thank hasbro knows a lot of people do collect them in the package

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    I like all the gadgets and gizmos BUT they are get old quick. Remember when you played with the 3 3/4" GI Joes when you were a kid? They were great and could do alot with all the joints. Hasbro needs to make them more like that.
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    I love all my starwars figures, but I'm disapointed that I like them in the package better than I like them opened. I bought 2 of almost every figure, one for the starwars room wall to hang and one to playwith. Anakins arm will NOT stay on him if I move him even one inch (does he get is chopped off in the movie or something?) and his spinning wrist is not impressive, not most impressive. Nikto's blade won't stay in his handle, the clone troopers foot pad is made the oposite direction as the illustration on the package shows it should be. Don't get me wrong I love the way they look, but I want a figure that can be played with and move around. Dooku is almost okay with his swinging action, but I'd rather be able to pose him as I please. Hasbro needs to take some hints from GI Joe. My Starwars lego figures have more movement than my Hasbro figures. And to end on a positive note, I love R2's new push button sounds and flashing light. I use it so much I'm afraid the battery will die soon.

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    Originally posted by underdog25
    I like all the gadgets and gizmos BUT they are get old quick. Remember when you played with the 3 3/4" GI Joes when you were a kid? They were great and could do alot with all the joints. Hasbro needs to make them more like that.

    That's a great idea. At least Hasbro has made a FEW of the POTJ figures like that. I want to see more like that too. I would keep the solid body, but the hip, knee (ankle maybe...or is that more for like 6" and up figures), elbows, forearms shoulders, and neck joints would be sick in my opinion!

    Like many others here, I liked the homage to the '77 - 85 line, but it just doesn't seem to fit in figures that are supposed to be so "advanced". Don't get me wrong, I loved the retro saber gimmick, but the metal sabers with detachable blades just seem to be so much better in my opinion!

    I have to congratulate Lego in making some of the finest sets to date! I have almost all the SW Legos, and until Jango's Slave I was released, I thought Boba's Slave I was a tight ship, Once Jango's came out....I realized how much better a set it was. Besides being larger, having more weapons, and a cool Lego Jango and Boba kid, it was sweet to see how well thought out the set was, all the close attention paid to details, and just the overall look and feel of the ship was right on!

    I plan to get the Republic Gunship next. The thought of this ship makes me want to run out and buy it..but I need to conserve some $$$$ right now!

    It will be mine....oh WILL be mine!

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    seems like we all have the same suggestion for Hasbro to take up makin the figures more articulate like the G.I. Joe line.
    I agree with it as well.
    I think this should be a question added to the other questions Tycho takes to the convention tomorrow when he has a chance to speak to the Hasbro reps. Not to add more to your plate than you already have Tycho
    One thing should be noted though, as there is a new GI JOE flick coming out soon, and newer Joes are being released. They remind me of the POF line, all bulked up a bit more than normal, they are a bit different than the old line of Joes were all used to..

    I can recall a few years back, they released a set of "throw back" Joes. most of the originals were included.. I saw them doing the same with the He-Man line as well..
    I think it would be a great thing if they were to release some of the originals again for Star Wars... they could even include more treasures like Jawas with plastic capes...

    Justa thought...
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    I'm not sure about that idea, Tonysmo. Kenner re-released four of them as TRU exclusives back in 1995 and I must say, they only served to make the crappy POTF2 first waves look that much better. Especially with the dull, low quality plastics they use nowadays.
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    I dont remember seeing those, but Im sure your right on.

    I did have a chance to question those guys from Hasbro at the convention, and asked what they couldnt create the figures like the GI Joe Line.

    To my surprise, they answered with - Its all in the money.

    They said they owned the rights to the GI Joe line, and can create, and "spend the extra money" it takes to build them with all the playable features. Since Lucas owns the rights to the starwars line, he can choose to spend less to create the a base figure...

    I thought that was a pretty interesting tidbit.
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