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    What do you think of the AOTC Figures?

    Things are hopping along here after this past week's huge toy release and the forums are alive with people discussing every aspect of each and every figure.

    This poll is the 4th one to result from Midnight Madness and is intended to be more of an overall general survey of the you guys, the fans' reactions, to all the new action figures we just saw released.

    Continue discussing the very specific aspects of each character you would love to commend or critique in the Hasbro Toys Saga Section, but vote here so we can get an overall "guesstimate" of the sentiment out there.

    Keep in mind that our final poll will ask you to choose just ONE specific favorite figure, so save that discussion for tomorrow.

    Hopefully we will then have covered every aspect of the Great 2002 Movie Year's Toy Release, because the focus of our poll topics will need to move on with the Celebration II festivities starting this week, and the movie's release just around the corner (17 days from the time of this posting!)

    So let's enjoy talking about our big toy shopping experience while we can - and it's fresh in our heads.

    This is the first time that "action features" like the magnetic Force and the quick-draw or really-firing weapons have been used on Star Wars figures, as well as the add-on blast effects / lightsaber deflections. - and now you have them at your retailers or already loose in your collections!

    With that in mind, what do you think of the new AOTC figures?
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    I love them!!!!!
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    I like the figures and think they look great, I just don't like all the little **** like the magnets, the stuck poses, and the extra features like Anakin's spinning wrist (which doesn't work too well to begin with), or the 1977 lightsaber slid into the other Anakin's arm. Too much customizing to do now to get the figures the way they should be.
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    I think some are rather cool and interesting, and I'm sure the play value for kids is up there, but I'm a little disapointed with the figures faces, mainly the Obi-Wans, and Padme figures.

    I thought they were using that true-scan for faces and making the figures more real. I don't think they resemble them all that close.

    Like on padme, both of them don't have a mole, her face is to narrow and it doesn't look quite right.

    But they are neat, and some of the gimics are sort of cool. I wish the old figures had some of these options. My play times would have been more interesting as a kid.

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    Enough with pre-posed positions and wide leg stances already!

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    I am overall pleased with the new figures. The gimmicks, and you all know what I mean, must go though. They ruin the durability of the figures. The new lower price is great as well!

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    I like the new lightsaber look - metal handles and all.

    Also, the translucent plastic addons (i.e. force effects, etc..) are really nice for poses.

    I have always loved figures with helmets, too. Jango and Boba w/ helmets = big plus for me.

    Not really too big on the action features that are directly incorporated into the figures, tho. Like having a wheel on the back of Anakin, etc... I think it detracts from the figure, IMO.

    And of course Yoda with a midget-lightsaber... who could pass on that?
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    I'm more impressed with these figures than I was with POTJ (what a crappy line that was!), mainly because of the better articulation and the little extras. I think Hasbro is finally listening to the collectors and adding in the articulation we want.

    The main gripe I still have is all the one-pose wonder Jedi Masters. How many Jedi do we need that can't move a whole heck of a lot?
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    Pre-posed figures (wide stances) + Stupid gimmicks + Cheap quality plastic = DISAPOINTMENT!!!

    I do like many of the sculpts and a few features, lightsabers with removable blades, holsters with removable guns. But these are features that we saw in the POTJ line!

    Overall, THIS line has had nothing new to offer, other than new characters, that IMPROVES upon the old POTJ line.

    So, I must say that I am unhappy with the direction this new Blue Card line is taking.

    Honestly, I was MUCH more impressed with POTJ! At least with that line my only complaints dealt with limited articulation.

    Now, I am unhappy about:

    Stupid wheels sticking out of a figures back
    Stupid swinging arm action
    Stupid over-posed figures
    Stupid magnets
    Stupid insert cards

    I will be SOOOO thankful when Hasbro stops all this cr@p. STUPID gimmicks.
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    what can I say WOW! The metal Lightsaber Number 1 ideal, great job. the peices are great and the count Dooku was the best to me. the force action was a great new ideal. Please stay with the metal sabers even if you get rid of the force action. great job Hasbro.


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