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    Question is there going to be midnight showings of AOTC?

    i heard a while back that lucas might say "there will not be any midnight showings this time." there better be! i can't wait for it! but, is it true or just a rumor?
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    There are no Midnight showings.
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    you sure? i just called my local theatre and they said that they plan on having a midnight showing.....lucas just loves being in controll doesn't he..
    Sampsonite! i was way off!

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    I think the policy is that you can't show the film before Thursday. Anyways, it's not a worldwide release date, and no matter when you show it, there are still going to be parts of the world who still can't see the film. So it's not like you're avoiding anything by not having the midnight screenings.

    But I guess I'll do like I did in 99, go at 9 pm and buy a pair of tickets.
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    Yes, there ARE midnight showings.

    I encourage everyone to call their local theater, such as Hango and myself have done.
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    When Episode 1 came out my local cinema showed the movie at 12:01 on the Thursday to counter any issues with the screening dates.

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    My local theater (which is not part of any chain) plans on a midnight showing. Even if LFL puts the rule down, I bet this place will ignore it and have it at 12:01 . . . at least I hope they stand strong!

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    Who is Lucas to tell them not to do a midnight showing? If the clock reads 12am or anything after that, it is May 16. Just because its not May 16th in Cambodia or some other country doesnt mean jack. Let us see our movie!!
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    He'll do midnight movies because he wants to crush the weekend box office record.
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    My theatre is having a midnite showing. I have to work.
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