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    So how rare are R2-B1 and TC-14?

    I've been wanting a pair of these droids for a while, since I'm a droid collector that was disillusioned by Episode 1 and never bought any of its figures... The prices on eBay seem REALLY high, and NOBODY seems to have these guys loose--just MIP. What's up with that? How rare are these guys?

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    They were two of the tougher figures to find for me. I didn't see those at any retail stores around me. I ended up getting them online for like 10 bucks each, soon after they were released. It was a bit much. . .but I had a feeling I wasn't going to find them. If you are persistant you should be able to get them. . .check some auctions that have a group of figs, and maybe you can get a small lot of figs (including TC-14 and R2-B1) for a relatively small per-figure fee. Good luck. . .I wish I had extras to help you.
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    They were the last 2 figures released in Collection 3 for Episode I and Collection 3 wasn't carried in large numbers by most stores. They were somewhat hard to find at the time, just like the Swimming Jar Jar wave and the Sio Bibble wave. Unlike those 2 waves though, very few cases of Collection 3 ever showed up in the massive clearance sales that TRU had.

    The Collector's Cantina (Price Guide) here at SSG values them at $13.00 for R2-B1 and $25.00 for TC-14. I have seen R2-B1 go for around 25.00 also, MIP. You may wanna post here that you are looking for them in the trading or Buying/Selling section of the forums. You will most likely get a better deal or a trade from another collector, then Ebay will ever give you. You may even find someone that has a set loose.

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    Might want to keep searching ebay and such for maybe accessories that come with the figures and maybe you'll find some auctions that are mis-listed, HTF and/or mislabeled which would lead people away from them. You can usually find some good deals that way.

    But like JJB said, you might want to check out Buying/Selling places or even trade places, if you know of any HTF E2 figures down there you might grab a couple and I'm sure there would be someone with a loose set of TC-14/R2-B1 that would be willing to trade.
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    I got my R2-B1 and TC-14 off of ebay for $10 for the both of them. I lucked out because someone put up a whole bunch of them so everyone who bid at the time got what they needed. They are a little bit more pricy right now, so I suggest to just wait it out. Everything eventully comes down in pricee once all the collectors have what they need.
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    I was very lucky to find them at K Mart when they were new and even luckier that I bought both that day! I never saw them again on the shelves.
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    They are rare. Unfortunatly Hasbro never made these two easy to get by any means. I have all of them except for These two guys and Sio Bibble.

    Thanks a LOT Hasbro!
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    It's not Hasbro's fault, Jayspawn. Turn your blame twords the stores who got greedy and over ordered the figures in 1999. Not to mention, Collection 3 was ordered in smaller amounts by those stores then Collection 1 and 2. Same thing that is happening this time, Collection 1 is more commen, Collection 2 is more scarce. Stores only wanted mainly main charecters on their racks, so they stuck with mostly ordering Collection 1, less cases of collection 2, and even less cases of Collection 3.

    Infact the cases that TC-14 and R2-B1 were in, they were packed out at 4 of each per case. Here is the case breakdown for the case that TC-14 and R2-B1 was in. Please note they are also popular figures for diorama makers. So alot of people bought more then 1 or 2 of each one when they found them. Here is the case breakdown:

    Collection 3 Wave 11 #84105 - January 2000:
    4 x TC-14 Protocol Droid
    4 x R2-B1 Astromech Droid
    2 x Adi Gallia
    2 x OOM-9
    2 x Captain Tarpals
    2 x Ody Mandrell + Pit Droid Otoga 222

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    i still don't have them mostly because i was counting so much on them appearing at the TRU clearances. after finally finding a swimming jar jar, i was so sure that the collection 3 droids would show up
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    I have both a spare r2b1 and a tc14. I'm still looking for an amidala battle, and a sio bibble. If anyone wants to trade for those, I'm willing.


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