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Thread: Darth Vader?

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    Darth Vader?

    How rare is the Dagobah Darth Vader? I've been out of the scene for a while, and recently got back in. I usually dont pass up any Vaders but I saw this one in bundles..and figure it may be discounted later. But that was the only time I've seen it. Did I pass up my oppurtunity?
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    Somewhat rare, but not REALLY rare, I've seen that figure several times at TRU over the past few months. It's a good figure though, definitely worth getting.
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    i never saw one up here in canada. i'd love to get one still
    i need an ephant mon, who wants to help? :D

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    I've only seen Dagobah Vader once, in a collector's shop in Paris. I haven't seen him anywhere since, I missed my opportunity!
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    I always see them at KB. The best part is that they're discounted down to $2.99.
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    3 bucks?
    hasbro can be so stupid some times
    i need an ephant mon, who wants to help? :D

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    It's not Hasbro, $2.99 is the "liquidator price" for KayBee. There's one of the Kaybee Liquidator stores near here, and it's crazy how much stuff you can buy for so little. They just got some Jabba Globs in for $1.75, Lego Droid Starfighters 3/$10, and cool action figures I've never heard about from $2.99-5.99. All they have left from the POTJ shipment are two Qui-Gons, everything else went quickly.

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    I've seen them many many times for $2.99 at KB. I wouldn't say its rare. I'd say it's uncommon.
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    They were everywhere around here. They have eventually faded away now though. Great figure I think!
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