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    Excellent idea! I would also suggest a television series action fleet, Some suggestions for this series are; Babalon 5, Battlestar Galactica, and Buck Rogers in the 25th Century. And to go along with T3, I think they should release a Wing Commander with the movie series. Would any one be interested?

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    INDY MMs

    Glitch, hello.
    Hah! I knew there was supposed to be more. God, did I use to dream of the cool sets there could be. I remember Galoob announced new Indy stuff upcoming at the 1995 Toy Fair, and yet nothing ever happened. I was dumbfounded. I wondered why nothing was coming out. I mean, it seemed so obvious the multitude of characters and playset possibilities, why weren't these guys at Galoob "getting it". So I guess the price of licensing wouldn't have been made up for in sales?

    At the time I was pretty miffed, even more so when I learned there wasn't going to be anything after the one set with the lone Indy figure or so they told me. They failed to mention they made some sets for Spain and there was a couple more figures that were never known about.

    So, two questions. I assume the molds for Star Wars are in China? Couldn't Hasbro rerun them? What's the lifespan for them (I ask because if the molds exist, then that Lobot that was supposed to be in the Darth Vader transforming head, but wasn't, could be made still, or was he only from a resin mold?).

    And secondly, any idea what Indy sets were being kicked around? Were there sets and characters from all the movies? I bet there was a set where the ball comes rolling down to crush Indy from the first movie. There was probably a Last Crusade set with the "invisible" bridge (in that clear plastic that was all over the Johnny Quest stuff, which I would have bought BTW if they had been in mm instead of AF scale). Oh the possiblities! I bought those Applause "micro" Indy sets from Disneyland, but alas, they ain't really micro. So, they're still in the box.

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    Cool Hello my bretheren in MM & AF

    I have been checking out your forums the last few months and I have decided to join and participate with this fine crew,who
    are totally devoted to the continueing worldwide proliferation of one the best toylines ever conceived Micro Machines & Action fleet.

    I would also like to congradulate Jedi Tricks and for their
    gallant efforts in their petition drive to "Hasblo" for the saving of this toyline.

    My favorite's are the action fleet vehicles,the MM die cast vehicles and the MM transforming heads playsets.
    Although I love and have collected all of the star wars MM & AF toys,I also enjoy and have collected the other science fiction items like:Aliens,Predator,Terminator etc.The MM & AF is a perfect toyline for the general science fiction fan.

    Since I'm an old fan of Gerry Andersons 1970's television show "UFO",I would love to see the ships and vehicles from this show made into mm & action fleet toys like the:Skydiver submarine,Moonbase Interceptor,S.H.A.D.O. Mobile,Moon Mobile,
    Luner Module with carrier and of course the UFO ship just to name a few!

    Space:1999 would be cool also!

    As a sidenote for those who don't know and are curious about the "UFO" T.V. series( will be offering DVD box sets of
    this very cool science fiction series in July 2002.

    Until the next dimension.
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    as a small lad, i had all the dinky toys of not only the ufo series, but also captain scarlet, space 1999 and the thunderbirds. of course when i returned home from college.....poof, gone. (serenity now......serenity now......serenity now......serenity now......serenity now......serenity now......serenity now......serenity now.....................), anyway, in the immortal words of our favorite fatty space dough boy..............stay on target......stay on target.........,

    glitch, very interesting in that the design work for af was shopped out. does this mean that jkf was not the design guru that we all believed that he was? did he have hands on intereaction with the design concept, or did he just approve the final designs brought to him?

    not that it matters much anyway, cause what made galoob so great back then, was the buzz board, and how jkf would take the time to interact with us all, and put together all those great contests which resulted in quite a few people winning test shot af's for their collections. (jeddah, as i recall, you got a psychedelic tie defender that way!).

    but it would be nice to know the real team of design genius's behind the af line. you mentioned dave and the crew, who exactly is dave and the crew? we'd love to know!

    thanx so much for coming to our board glitch! lately i've been pretty bummed out about the sorry state of affairs of micro machines, and have found it tougher and tougher to come up with daily conversation about em, but i feel regenerated now that someone from inside the galoob innerworkings, is now posting to the board. it brings back a touch of the magic and glamour from the old days of the buzz board!

    thanx again, and welcome, your postings here are greatly appreciated!
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    Hello GSJ,

    I know how you feel about mama throwing your stuff away,it happened to me when I left home in 1980 at the tender age of 17, for a 7 year hitch in army,my stuff ended up in a landfill.

    Hey if your interested in Captain Scarlet, the entire series is available in a large DVD box set at (AandE.COM) on sale this month.

    Until the next dimension
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    Originally posted by good shot jansen
    ...and put together all those great contests which resulted in quite a few people winning test shot af's for their collections. (jeddah, as i recall, you got a psychedelic tie defender that way!).
    Whoa! We need some photos! I was never on the Galoob board. If anyone out there has any of these test pieces, tkae some photos and put them in this message board!

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    Jeddah got the test-shot TIE Defender and I got the test-shot E-wing, but I don't think either of us have taken detailed shots of these. When I get a chance to really do it justice, I will (but to be fair, I've been w/out time like that for years now, just ask other Buzz Boarders).
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    I don't have a digital camera, but my APS get's printed onto CD-Rom so I'll take some pics and post them in a few months. Alternatively, if you want to see it in the flesh, it is currently being shown in Cartmanland.


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    looking fwd to seing the pics! I'm trying to imagine exactly what is meant by a "psychedelic" TIE defender - is it really painted in sorta swirly multi-colors??
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    Test shots are made to test the mlods to make sure there are no problems with the preasure injection. They are made using whatever color plastic is loaded at the time. Often, you can get some pretty funky colors.


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