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    always with you there is no time...........

    Originally posted by JediTricks
    I've been w/out time like that for years now, just ask other Buzz Boarders).

    the lone ranger shoulda had to cover as much ground as the random ranger maybe you needs to git yourself a tonto!
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    GSJ, do you know what "tonto" means (besides the Lone Ranger reference)?

    Yeah, RR definitely has too much crazy stuff to do and not enough free time, and there's always some excuse for this and that.

    As for weird colors, my E-wing is pearly off-white with lots of hot-pink pieces... "it's... quite a thing to see".
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    Kylo Ren - came from Space Brooklyn, although he moved to Space Williamsburg before it was trendy.

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    Please, no, I beg thee, no TOONTO here
    My Tie D TS is all gray with a teal and luminous-like trooper. I think JT was referring to the packaging which is a patchwork of various boxes. Cool 'n' Groovy. It's in mint as I put it away the day I got it (don't really like the Tie D)


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    First off, Glich, I'd like to apologize for not doing this sooner. Secondly, welcome to the forum. Already you have made a name for yourself with the info you giving all of us. And finally, I like to thank you. For helping create such a great line. I do have just one question, and you seem to be the man to ask.

    Will the new AF include figures?
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    Jeddah, I never said yours was psychodelic, just that we had test-shots.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    Kylo Ren - came from Space Brooklyn, although he moved to Space Williamsburg before it was trendy.

    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.

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    Howdy all...

    Jeddah - agreed...TOONTO was moderately entertaining while it lasted, but it's dead now...let it remain so

    While we're discussing unusual and unique items dealt with generosity from the once mighty hand of the Galoob BBS, I was fortunate enough to come away with a couple. I've got a test shot MF in a B-wing box (no paint, but other wise the ship color seems correct...the fun part is the dayglo orange Han & Chewie).

    Though they're not test shots, I've also got the glow-in-the-dark battle pack signed by JKF. Adam Pawlus had a pic of this up many moons ago...I don't know if he still does or not. The only other oddity I garnered is a pre-market Collector's Set I of ST micros (the one with the Ent-A in the top right corner) with some editor's marks on the box and front plastic. Apparently, it was a mock-up of the packaging to be sure that all the ships were properly placed and spaced.

    Those were good times and although I'm now married and thus penniless, I'd still love to see an MM revival...(I'm sure my lovely would loosen her plasteel grip on the checkbook long enough for me to indulge in some delightful bits of PVC and paint)...

    later all...

    Ross W. Jarvis

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    Thumbs up sid: ooo yeh, space 1999 mm ships would be cool, albeit 3 years late, DAAWG ;)

    don't mind me glitch, i just got the garak/odo interrog scene from ds9's "the die is cast" on the brain anyhoo, how did you & jdah hook up?
    fascinating that mm translation was delegated directly to galco, a testament to their no-liberties-taken accuracy that made me dig them above all other toyz if many mm ship details were "impossible to see with the human eye" that would suggest that the original sculpt was done much larger, then "shrinky-dinked" down to mm size, yes? either way, sounds like it'd be schweet to get a gander at them protos :happy:
    did galco also handle mm paintscheme design, or did you guys have input on that, technical or otherwise? i know that three main techniques for paint application were used: dipping (rarely used), 3d-stencil spraying and "tampo" printing (like an inkpad but with paint instead, for those who don't know). were there any others? any "handjobs"?
    re the drawings yall did specifying the mm assembly process, how detailed did they get? mediums used? happen to've retained any we could see?
    i notice sw toys in general using a lot more 3+ part molds, and lots more mold sections themselves featuring undercuts. both fly in the face of my design training that A) undercutting causes damage to parts when they're extracted from the mold and B) multi-part molds are much more expensive and troublesome than 2-part molds, thus their use is avoided whenever possible. have there been some fabrication innovations in the last decade which would account for this methodology change?
    finally, how cum an mm ship's standhole was usually added After the initial molding, and not simply integrated into the initial mold?
    rj: would it be possible to provide us w/a scan of that note-laden stlecs1 box? sounds interesante

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    Oh I do beg your pardon, JT

    Hey Ross! Long time, no hear!


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    scan on the way

    vt - I've got dig-pics of the box from all angles and some close-ups of the edit marks...(If I can find the letter JKF sent with it, I'll scan that too)...The only thing I need is a brief primer on how to include pics in messages here so they can be dl-ed by whomever wants them...


    Ross W. Jarvis

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    click on the "post reply" button at the bottom of each post (instead of using the "quick reply" window). You'll see an attachment option that will allow you to browse to the file location on your hard drive. there's a file size limit of about a quarter meg, so make sure you're using .jpg files, and if they're still too big, try re-saving them in a higher compression. for multiple images, try attaching a zip file. good luck.
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