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    Swaffy - thanks...and talk about FAST!... I should have those up sometime tomorrow...and I'll try to keep it under the limit

    Ross W. Jarvis

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    Welcome Glitch!

    Just checkin' in.
    So, how's everyone doin'?
    The Devil

    just let me know when you are getting ready to send me my goodies.

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    Hey there Ross, long time no see!

    Jeddah, all is forgiven?
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    Kylo Ren - came from Space Brooklyn, although he moved to Space Williamsburg before it was trendy.

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    Hi all,

    Thanks for the warm welcome and kind words, everyone. I only wish I had the time to drop by more often.

    On to the questions...


    I don't think we will ever see the days of TWO whole AF figures included with an AF ship now that they have been shipped with only one. Unless the "Hand of Hasbro" swipes it away, you can expect to see at least one figure included with the ships. As you can see with the new Battle Pack exclusives, they are not too generous with the figures these days. These things are out of my control - I'm just a simple caveman.


    Funny thing about the construction of the protos at Galco is that they never let ANYONE from Galoob in the area that they made them. It is a trade secret that they guarded well. It has been suggested that they were carving them out of ivory, and that they didn't, for obvious reasons, want that to get out. Then again, it could have just been some secret pantagraphing technique that they did not want to disclose.

    Hmm... Take a look at the protos. Jeddah?

    The paint was almost all Galco with some rough guidance by Galoob. We would dictate the number and type of spray ops, but Galco knew their budget limitations. Often changes were made once the proto was received. Galoob, made all of the color changes to the later releases such as the green A-wing, Alpha Series, etc

    There were no handjobs at Galoob. Well...okay, maybe one or two.

    As I said before, the drawings for the MM ships were few and far between - at least for me. They were boring pencil on vellum (real vellum, not the program) ortho views of the ship with some simple notes. The AF and playset drawings were works of art, and worthy of framing.

    At this point, ANYTHING an be molded and cast by the millions. It's only a matter of costs and production runs. They higher the run, the more one is willing to spend on the die work.

    Note-laden stlecs1 box?

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    Smile thanx glitch! i always love reading your posts!

    i've got a question that i know has been on the minds of a lot of us for some time now.what's up with all the variations with a lot of the action fleet?

    such as the change in size of darth vaders tie fighter from the original large version to the later small one.

    the change of the canopy hinge for the a-wing and the shuttle tyderium, from concealed with the cockpit to being mounted exposed on the fuselage.

    the paint scheme for biggs's x-wing uncluded with the series alpha set, the 1st ones had a bright red crimson paint scheme with white striping on the engines, while the later one had a orange red paint scheme with no white markings.

    over the years we've all noticed and wondered why these and a whole lot of other variations (too numerous to mention here)exisit within the line.

    any information you could provide about this would be greatly appreciated!
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    The Vader TIE was an legit screw up. It was WAY out of scale, and, for various reasons, had to be changed.

    The changes for the different hinges and such were solely performance, manufacturig, and safety reasons. The hinges could have been any one of these - my guess is manufacturing.

    Decos were changed to reduce cost, add authenticity, and, most often, to distinguish it from other similar ships in the line - X-wings, Snowspeeders, etc... Notice they removed the white paint op?

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    STLECS1 box with notes

    Howdy all...I hope this works...a couple of the pics are blurry and I'll try to get some better ones taken this weekend and up on Mon. The box is exactly as I received it...far from mint, but oh well...never look a gift horse in the mouth...


    Ross W. Jarvis

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