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    pic 8 (last one unless someone wants more)

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    Hi, Glitch

    A late welcome! We appreciate all the info that you've been giving us. I myself would like to know if you have any inside info on any future releases of Micro sized vehicles. Doesn't Hasbro realize that the Micros are what started everything.


    Darth Carlos

    "Think Big, play small"......MICROMACHINES

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    Just wanted to say that I too love reading your posts, GLitch, they're like a peep into the mythical machine we've been hankering after for the last 5 years

    Hmm... Take a look at the protos. Jeddah?
    I've emailed you today, sorry about the delay, couldn't locate all addys.

    There were no handjobs at Galoob. Well...okay, maybe one or two
    <sniggger> are you saying you worked with a couple of tossers?


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    Thanks Jeddah!

    I'll get to it this week.

    P.S. I saw Episode 2 yesterday afternoon, and you guys are in for a treat!

    My tiny primate brain is still trying to grasp it all....

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    Question "in for a treat", eh?

    well i remember Antiscalper tellin us the exact same thing on the old galooBB after he attended a week-early charity premiere of ep1, so i'll wait & see 4meesa self ;D
    spekin of the old galooBB: so jkf's resurfaced has he? i guess it's a good thing i never mentioned here that tain once described him to me as "an amiable but colorless grind", or words to that effect of course it's not like jkf woulda seen said mention Anyway, cuz while he favors xuff's ghosttown facade, apparently our VibranT ssg mm forum ain't Good enough for him
    all the more reason glitch has shot right to the Top of vt's fave galoob insider list this guy Rocks man, he answers our most nitpicky obsessive quextions And uses words like "sucks", "bastids", "damn lame" and "kneetoe"; what more could we axe? :happy: glee-yotch is the shizz-nit, mebbe wunna you mischeivious, adept image-makers could make him his own custom icon, one that trumpets his Galoob Insider status to all who view ssg forums
    re rj's premarket stlecs1 pix, that old vulcan standby remark "fascinating" seems to best apply but i can't quite make out that first word in pic 5- what's it say?
    p.s. haven't any of you swaf-huggin Babies evah noticed the af vader's octagonal window lattice was oriented the Wrong Way??

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    directly above the center of the Earth
    re: mischeivious, adept image-makers

    um, I think I already have the ultimate "Galoob Insider" avatar!

    But I make this promise: If Glitch posts enough times to reach custom avatar status, I'll put HIS mug inside the SWAF box, and I'll make myself a new avatar. And I've got Adobe Photoshop now, so I can make pretty much anything I can conceive of. All it takes is time.....
    "We have enough youth. We need a fountain of SMART!"

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    Question A question for you, Glitch

    Hi Glitch,
    maybe I am the last one to welcome you here, but I am very happy you joined us, MM and AF lovers! (and die-cast lovers too, as I think this is one of the best lines! )

    I read with interest all your postings and I have a question for you:
    In the past months we got a lot of news about E1 MM and AF products developed but not produced (MMs, AFs, series Alpha, die-casts, podracers). From the pictures we saw it looks like they passed the process of prototyping and they were painted and ready to be produced. As you told us the most expensive phase, in producing a new product, is the preparation of the molds, and it looks like the molds for these "lost toys" were already prepared (if I am correct), why did not Hasbro went on to the production phase, after all the money for design and prototyping was already spent? They could have at least the costs covered! All the vehicles I am talking about are innovative and it is easy to imagine a lot of people would have loved them (e.g. the Star Destroyer or the Neimoidian Shuttle), and you have the proof of what I am saying considering what happened with the last E1 collections XI, XII, and XIII! So, why did Hasbro choose to cancel them even if they were ready to make money?

    This is really something I cannot understand (or maybe am I missing something? ). Your opinion is really appreciated! Thank you in advance!



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