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    VT - sorry 'bout the fuzzy picture...the phrase in pic 5 is "under spray - ok"

    Great Traders - cloneemperor, Val Da Car, Kidhuman
    Sorely Missed - R2Dee2 & Vulcantouch

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    Hello all, newborn you might say.

    I must say, I wished I had known that there were so many appreciators of MicroMachines at a place such as this. Would have taken the edge off all the angst at having that Hasbro/Galoob issue to deal with.

    One of the greatest joys was hitting the toy stores, finding that great MM or AF squirreled away behind a bunch of MatchBox or action figures.

    This place is great.
    Somewhere, out there, there's a case of MicroMachines holding up an old airconditioner for a guy who hates toys.

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    Warm welcome, Cap. Be at ease. You're "home" now.
    "We have enough youth. We need a fountain of SMART!"

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    Welcome aboard Cap! Feel free to jump right in AND to check out what's gone on over the past year. (remember that unless you told it otherwise, you have to change your view date)

    Have fun!!!
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    great to have you along fer the ride cap!

    we've been hoarded up here in the mm diaspora for some time now.

    glad you found us! spread the word!!!!
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    The "fickle, finger of fate" guides them all home!




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