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    collecting morals

    everybodys morals are different, same applies to the way people collect. These are my opinions, as right/wrong as they may be.
    Here are some of mine, im curious to hear others:

    dont buy from scalpers/dont scalp -a big problem, many complain but still support them

    being a completist doesnt mean completing the collection at any price-Dont buy a $100 starship you dont want just to get the exclusive figure inside

    open your stuff- sure they look nice in package but can be appreciated more opened, lets face it, im not selling these anyway

    Dont hoard- these are toys, get one of each and be happy with that , anyone that buys >10 of the same figure has issues, dioramas or not you have a problem

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    Scalping---Don't give in to their outrageous prices because that encourages them to continue. If it is something you absolutely want for your collection and all other possible avenues have been exhausted, then it's permissable as long as you don't go $20 over the original price (this is mostly for discontinued figures that have been gone for 3 years or so)

    Hoarding---You don't need more than two of a figure, and that's only if you keep one carded and one opened. If you buy any more than two at a time or in close time to each other, it should be as a gift for someone else or to help out a fellow collector. If you want to build armies, then make sure it's a pegwarmer that's widespread in stores or wait until it's old, discounted, and no one wants it anymore.

    Completist---My perception of a completist is that you complete the collection that you envision. If that means everything made, then buy everything made. If that means only buying what you like or what's hard to find (my own personal vision), then act according to that.

    Carded v. Opened---Keep it carded if it's worth someone (e.g. - Toy Fair Darth Vader). Opening the merchandise allows it to be appreciated much more. If you're going to spend a lot of money of this stuff, you should be able to interact with it. Plus, it gives it a better look and a more museum exhibit-like look (minus the glass cases and security systems)

    Etiquette---Be respectful and courteous to other collectors (and consumers in general). Help each other out with information whenever possible. These forums provide a great centralized location from which to do that. If it weren't for some of you guys, I wouldn't have some of the items I have now (TIE Inteceptor, etc.) And don't be cutthroat about things. I'm mostly referring to the AOTC midnight madness. There were about ten other people at Wal-Mart with me, and they got all the good stuff because they crammed their shopping carts into a very small aisle and started grabbing stuff blindly to throw in their carts to sort it out later. I lost out on Luminara, Taun We, etc. because I tried to be civilized and calm about things. Maybe that was expected too much on a midnight madness, but it still irks me nevertheless.

    Above all, remember that every collection is unique and tailored to the individual collector. It's your money, so buy what you will be pleased to see in your collection.
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    i agree w/ both aikman and darklord, the collection you want is the colection you should enjoy, also you shouldnt feed false info to fellow collector for personal monitary/collection gains. i cant begin to get into how many times ive seen collectors boosting the worth of some toys early in the game(e-bay anyone?) w/o anything to back it up. some toys are hard now but in a few mos(or less) they'll pop up.

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    Scalping - if you buy from a scalper then you can't complain about them, since you are the reason they exist.

    Hoarding - never take more than you need. If you buy 30 Stormtroopers cuz you are building an "Emperor's Arrival" diorama, then fine. If you are buying 30 Stormtroopers cuz you want to save up for an early retirement, then you are an idiot.

    Completist - you are the reason we get these crappy wave 1 Ep2 figures. Hasbro knows that we will complain but don't care cuz all the completists will buy it anyway just to complete their collection.

    Carded vs. Opened - depends on the preference of the collector. I collect opened but am thinking of switching to carded since they will be easier to display in the limited amount of space I live in now (hung on the wall). My opened figures eventually end up tossed in a box or my nephew's hands anyway.

    Etiquette - these are toys, if you are spending money that you earned on them, then it is safe to assume that you are at least a teenager. So act your age.
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    scalping- I think scalpers are scum. nuff said.

    hoarding- I'll go along with the 10 and under rule. Mainly due to the fact that that's the most of any figure I have (stormtroopers) and that makes a pretty good sized army.

    completist- buy as you see fit. Hasbro would have made these figures the same, with or without you in existence, since they made them with kids in mind.

    carded vs. opened- again do as you see fit. Personally I open my figures to play with them

    etiquette- take other collectors feelings into consideration, even if you don't believe they think the same way. When it comes down to me vs a kid, I say let the kid have the figure, I can continue to hunt for the figure, where they may not be able to.

    Mostly remember the point of this hobby is to have fun. Don't stress out because a figure isn't exactly the way you want it to be.
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    im a completist i try to get all the variations but not all at one time i do have a lot ( about 15 wal-mart ) all 15 to 45 min away from my house and go wal-marting from 12 am to 4:00 am byt i dont get more than one of each figure and when im out like at the opening night for the figuers i do try to help others. we collectors need help others i know when i find something new im happy so i know how it is. even when the POTF slave leia was hard to find i met a youg boy looking for one to open and was going to buy it for $25.00 to open to play with i gave him mine out of my set for free i dont like scalping and know kid should not pay that just to play with and it made him so happy
    we are collecters we should all help each other and do with out making 4 times price scalping is just wrong
    and we do need to think of kids too
    we all play with star wars figures they should too

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    A lot of good responses, but noone NEEDS 30 stormtroopers

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    Well, I have a slightly different take.

    1.) Scalpers. I would love to say I never support scalpers but that's a lie. I have purchased two figures from a scalper since the start of POTF2 in 1995. I bought Leia and Motti Commtech. I justify this by saying I did not support a scalper because I refused to pay scalper prices. I paid 20 bucks for the pair, the same some people pay for a current figure plus shipping from an online store. Considering they were long gone figures with no chance of me finding them on clearance, I was happy (and he didn't get the 15 each he was asking).

    2.) Hoarding. This has always been my biggest complaint. I know that some people build really amazing dioramas, but that doesn't calm me down when I can't find Imperial Officers or Rebel Troopers. To me, there is no separation between a hoarder for money or an army builder, you're both hurting the hobby. If you are an army builder, you should at least have the decency to buy the multiples on different days so other people have a fighting chance.

    Carded vs. Opened - I open almost everything. Theater Luke is on a card and 300th Boba has been opened, but lives in his packaging. I don't care if you open or close, as long as you display your collection proudly as best you can!

    Etiquette...well, you don't meet many collectors in Maine, so we don't have to worry about that much! I know there are a few of us, but we rarely cross paths!

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    Thumbs up Goo Thread

    1. Don't run when you enter a store! I hate the collector footrace.

    2. Share with people you meet. Unless they are a filthy scalper.

    3. Buy extra figs and ditribute them among you friends at cost.
    ***This is the most effective way to combat scalping!

    4. Don't tell other collectors how they should collect. If you like to open thats fine but some may just like carded figures and thats fine too.

    5. Don't buy from scalpers. Don't enable their pathetic lives. Force them to get real jobs and to stop being social parasites.

    6. Kids first.

    7. Spread out your army builder purchases. Someone else said this and it makes perfect sense. There's absolutely nothing wrong with dioramas or army building. Just give verybody a chance.

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    Well I guess im that collector who walks a fine line in your broad persepectives. I dont have much chance at buying figures in stores, cause not many around me have them, so when I see them I have to grab them and sometimes a few more for future trades. So now that I dont have much to choose from in stores it turns me to the internet to buy them. I go to Yestertoys and a few other places where I pay maybe 9US a figure. So there I will buy at least 2 of each, 1 to open and 1 for packaging, because even though people say you should open them and enjoy them, well some of us enjoy them in the package. And I do build armies of things so when I see certain figures like Stormtrooper lots , or somehting like that I buy them. I dont let anyone else tell me how to collect either. In my mind its first come first serve, If someone has the money to buy out the store, then dont worry the store will replace them with new cases. I like seeing things go fast because I know that then they will be reordered. I Canada here I speak on behalf of most of my collecting friends, we just want to see figures on the shelves let alone worrying about how many someone might be taking. Its a harsch world up here for us collectors so our eticate is much different. Thsanks for your ears guys!!!


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