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    Anakin outland Short gun variation / error

    I was out at Wal-mart today looking for some of the variation figures and came across a Anakin that had a shorter gun than normal .

    I sent in a comparison picture of the guns to and sirsteves . Not sure if and when they will post it.

    This particular carded Anakin figure is also missing his eyebrows and this figure has the light tan sleeves instead of the normal brown ones.

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    sounds completely screwed up.No eye brows?Some one fall asleep at the painting table?I hope the pics. get posted.I don't collect varients but this one might be good for laugh at least.Thanks SWcollector
    Bye to all.thanks for some good times.

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    I only sent in a picture of the gun comparisons, but maybe tonight I will take pictures of the paint errors.

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    Anakin gun error pictures are up, follow this link

    just click on "anakin" gun error on the front page

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    Anakin gun error / variation picture is up follow the link in message post

    I sent the picture that I took to and they posted the news really quick

    Here is the link

    just click on "anakin gun error" when you get to their front page.

    also I noticed that this site also had some other cool errors / variations that I did not even know about. check it out

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    Merged the 2 since they are exactly the same.
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