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Thread: I give up

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    I give up

    Well, this is it! I have decided to give up collecting the new stuff.

    For the most part anyway.

    I will no longer be a "completist" throwing good money after BAD figures.

    I will keep all my older stuff up thru and including POTJ.

    As for the new line. I am just too disapointed with the direction that Hasbro has taken with it.

    There are a total of 5 figures from the first 27 that I like. I now have these loose and will no longer collect new stuff MOMC!

    I plan on saving a bundle, and enjoying what FEW figures from the Blue Card line that I like.

    Hasbro has forever changed my collecting style with the new line. Way to go Hasbro!

    From what I have seen so far, there will only be another 5 additions to my collection by years end.

    I have even given up collecting the foreign card variations, as well! Hasbro has taken the fun out of it for me.

    I am sorry too rant, but I feel it had to be said.
    May the force be with you.

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    I gave up being a completist with the Ep1 line. There is really no point to "collecting them all," as all it does is give Hasbro good money for bad figures.
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    Welcome sith_killer, I've been of this disposition for almost 2 years now.

    Look around and find somethin' you like, it's way more enjoyable (and affordable )

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    I'm also a part of this collecting guild. Though I end up spending what I would have spent on Star Wars figs on Transformers....

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    I've never been a completist, and have always just purchased what I liked, and left what I didn't on the shelves.
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    It really is the only way. Even if every sculpt was somehow just brilliant! There's just bound to be characters you simply don't want or find downright annoying. (Ewoks and JarJar anyone?) Once you stop being a completist, you can "almost" welcome some of the more pointless resculpts with the knowledge that you need only to get the one's you absolutely must have.

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    I was never a completist,because it is way too expensive and sometimes figures come out that are not the best of the best

    Welcome to the Club sith_killer_99
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    I admit it, I have tried to be a completist for a while. But recently with the new toys I realized it was time to cut the spending and just get what I like. I did buy all the basic figures on the 23rd and ran up a pretty big bill. But I got to thinking later about how some of these figures I probably wouldve left on the pegs. So why would I buy figures I dont really like?
    So now I will just focus on what I like.
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    I feel the same way. There is no point at all in being a completist. I only buy the figures that really strike me, and almot none of the vehicles.

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    "Never give up. Never surrender!"

    I collect figures as I can afford them. I was only able to get 17 figures on the 23rd due to money so I had to make some hard choices as to what to get.

    I sometimes look at my collection and think, "I'm spending WAAAAAAY to much on this stuff." Then I realize it's healthier, and cheaper then some peoples habits. And figures...they come out every now and then and cost 7 bucks each. I spend more on dinners out every weekend!

    I'd love to have a complete collection of at least one line and I'm hoping AOTC will be it. The numbering system was HASBRO's best new feature bar none! It's so much easier to keep track of them now. I hope they retain it for Episode III figures.

    Anyway, buck up there little beautiful sith killer, there's more on the horizon. Snoogins!


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