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    Thumbs up Found Yoda - Wal Mart San Dimas

    Wow what a great figure! I found him at the Wal Mart in San Dimas. They also had some Anakin HD, Genosian Warrior, Clone Troopers (red), Zam Wessell, a _bunch_ of Dexters, but no Dookus. $5.88 a figure, can't beat that!

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    You from the same San Dimas of Bill & Ted's fame?

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    D'oh! I drove right past that one today, too! Arr! But I did find a Royal Guard (only one there) while I was out, so things weren't so bad. I can tell you, you still can get scratch-off cards at K-Mart if you cash in your prize. I bought 2 pegwarmers and got my free lightsaber. Cool.
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