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    See-through Jedi?

    The second time I saw Ep1 it seemed to me that when Obi-Wan and Gui-Gon run from the Destroyer Droids and there is a cutaway shot, that the two seem to turn transparent. Has anybody else thought this?

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    i think the visual effect denotes the high speed at which they were running, not disapearing.

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    Yes! Exactly...they used FORCE SPEED! to run away from the destroyer droids! COWARDS!...HAHAHA!
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    I mean when you see them from afar as they run towards the ventilation shafts - they appear to be transparent. To my eyes anyway.

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    Sorry...gotta agree with derek. I never once thought they were becoming transparent, and besides that, I think it's been well established that what we were seeing was Force speed.

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    I've noticed this, and I'm gonna try and answer this with a LucasFilm classic...

    ...All answers will be revealed in the prequels.

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