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    Holographic Sidious: Best Bet?

    Any Idea what the best route to picking up a reasonably priced Holographic Darth Sidious would be? He's the last I need in my Episode I backfilling process. Thanks.

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    These arn't too easy to come by for reasonable prices. Do you need it in the package or loose? Loose is always cheaper, but if you wanted a carded figure I would suggest Ebay. There can be some lousy prices but every now and then, one passes for a good price.

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    Stop crying and just buy it! Its your collection and whats another 20 bucks I'd give you one if I had an extra. I think I paid 18 for mine. Hey like the post above, don't give up.
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    Actually, I've seen loose figures going for more than carded on eBay... It only costs 55 cents to ship a loose figure, but 3.50 for carded.

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    They're on clearance in Tokyo.

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    I found one in my toysrus for 5 euros (about $4.50) about a month ago

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    Sadly I saw tons of these go for $2 at TRU during the Great Hasbro Purge....and never picked one up......
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  8. #8 you live in, or know somebody from Tokyo who could get me one of those???

    I'd totally love to have a Holo Sid, no matter WHAT language he speaks (Or comes with a chip at all)
    "You will shed tears of crimson"-Vicious (Cowboy Bebop)


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    I do, but I wouldn't put him through the hassle. Anyway, with the shipping charges, it still wouldn'tbe worth it for such a figure. I'd get it from the States if I were you.

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    Had one. Traded it away.
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