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    Question who has the best and biggest collection

    i want to know who has the best and biggest star wars and star trek, heck space in general micro machines collection. oh ya and does anyone know of a micro machines customizer ill pay big bucks for good customs. also if you have pictures of your collection feel free to post 'em

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    ooooh!! I can't wait to hear how this one plays out....
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    I have the biggest collection! It's me! Me and only me! Ok it's not, I probably have the smallest collection.
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    Smile It is certainly me!

    I have the BEST and BIGGEST COLLECTION ... of the building where I live!
    Yes, it's true, for sure! There are at least 5 other apartments, and I have the biggest Star Wars MicroMachines (and Action Fleet, by the way) collection of them all! :happy:
    (I wonder if my neighbours do even know what "Star Wars MicroMachines" are. )

    Anyway I am the BIGGEST COLLECTOR! I said! And I am proud of it!


    P.S. I am the biggest collector, that is, until any of you guys will become my neighbour.

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    As Baal Jnr and Snr recently donated their entire AF & MMs collection to me, I presume that I am the holder of best collection.

    I wonder who has the crappiest collection. I think it is probably GSJ. He let's his chillun play with his! Isn't he silly everyone? Swaffy's not much better now he's a Great Great Grandfather and VT converts his into badges (what a wuss!)

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    Originally posted by jeddah

    I wonder who has the crappiest collection. I think it is probably GSJ. He let's his chillun play with his! Isn't he silly everyone?
    for that very reason, my collection is the best cause my mm's get lots of love and attention:happy: they ain't sittin' round on some knotty english pine shelf, in some some old stuffy drafty english flat gatherin' dust bunnies only to be casually looked down upon from time to time over the top of some upper crusty english snout
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    you'll regreeeeeet it



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    now boys i did not open this topic for arguments

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    Mine is the best... for me!!!
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    All that I know is that my Imperial AT-AT Walkers will stomp and crush anything and everything in all of your puny collections.
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