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    Brian's Toys is also useful if you otherwise cannot get ahold of SW toys. For those of us in the military, little things like deployments make it very difficult to go shopping for the latest SWAF. Especially when you are gone for anywhere from 6 months to a year. While in Korea, BT was my only source for getting new POTJ stuff. I really didn't mind, under those circumstances, paying $20-25 per figure; and recieving two packages per week of new toys is a great morale booster.
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    Nice comparisons of the different Jedi Lukes. The only Jedi Luke that you do not have is the Shorter Saber Luke from the ROTJ Sam's Club 3-pack (.02 green card w/holo). This, in my opinion, is the rarest of Jedi Lukes. The second rarest JL is .00 Black Vest/ saber w/ indented rings.
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    TheBigSloppy, I'm still waiting for a scan of a Jedi Luke with the black vest and indented rings and will add that when I get it....and you're right, I think it's one of the rarer ones out there.

    I'd forgotten about the Sam's club packs, thanks for the reminder I didn't realize that there was a version with a shorter lightsaber. Is it a super short saber?: You wouldn't have a nice scan of it, would you?

    Glad you guys like the scans...Thanks!
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