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    Who will win the 'Post Wars', GNT or JT?

    Here's a good topic to debate. Who will eventually win the battle of the posters? So far we have two good candidates who are head and shoulders above the rest: GNT and JediTricks.

    JediTricks is the Super Moderator for SSG and seems to have the time needed to pump out post after post, some of them taking as long as two hours to write (see the Yoda vs. Emperor thread). In the last iteration of the SSG forums JT had a gogolplex of posts, far bypassing the closest rival. Currently he hold the lead (631 posts as of now).

    GNT has also proven himself to have diarrea of the mouth fingers as he is very prolific when it comes to SSG posting. He's also a scrappy Aussie ready to give the Yanks a good fight (since we seem to hog all the figures on this side of the Pacific even though they're made on his). Currently he is about 200 posts behind JT (429 posts as of now), but was out in front when the new forums were first put on line. He also holds the lead in terms of referrals.

    Who will win the ultimate battle of the SSG forum posters? I have my vote on JT as he has proven himself time and time again to be a fountain of knowledge, and is not afraid to show it.

    OK guys, don't bite my head off. It's all just in fun.
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