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    Is Anakin's AOTC's Saber and Vader's ANH Saber the same?

    This has some possible E3 spoilers in it as well, but it fits in better in the E2 section, due to the fact I'm discussing Anakin's AOTC's Lightsaber. Hope noone has a problem with that, and if so, please move this to the E3 section. Those avoiding E3 spoilers, go ahead and skip this topic. Thanks for your input.

    This may have been discussed a few times before, but It's been bothering me for a while. I was looking at some pictures of both Anakin's Saber from AOTC's, and Vader's saber from ANH and noticed quite a simularity. I think I remember reading somewhere here that Dooku destroys Anakin's saber when he takes him hostage, is that in the book? Or does Dooku keep it as a prize? I know that during the battle with Yoda, when Dooku is defeated his curved hilted saber is destroyed or lost, and he escapes with the blue saber that Anakin was using in the Hanger Duel. I'm not sure if the image from the Visual Dictionary is Ani's original, or Hanger Duel lightsaber. If it's the HD one, that gives the theroy more weight.

    Looking at Anakin's Saber from the movie, in the visual dictionary, and a picture of Vader's ANH saber, they are pretty much the same saber, though Vader's emmitter is painted black. Does Dooku possibly repaint and replace the crystal in Anakin's saber and use that as his sith saber in Episode III? And then once Anakin defeats Dooku, and reclaims his saber from the Hanger Duel, use that and then the new one that he would have built in between AOTC's and EIII become the one that Obi-Wan passes on to Luke? Here are some pictures.

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    Anakin's AOTC's Lightsaber:
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    Vader's ANH Lightsaber:

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    Anakin's AOTC saber is destroyed in the droid factory on Geonosis. It is cut in half by the machinery. This is according to the novel.
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    Originally posted by Jedi Clint
    Anakin's AOTC saber is destroyed in the droid factory on Geonosis. It is cut in half by the machinery. This is according to the novel.
    Perhaps the lightsaber that is pictured in the visual dictionary is the one that he recieves from the Jedis when they arrive at Geonosis then? Since the blue one Anakin was using, I think is the one that Dooku makes off with when he escapes. If so it's an intresting possibility that Vader's Lightsaber is the same one that he used in the Hanger Duel and was refitted by Count Dooku.

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    jar jar,

    the anakin saber you referenced in the photo never makes it to the arena or hanger duel. as jedi clint pointed out, it is destroyed, before he is captured, in a droid making machine.

    vader's saber from the original trilogy was made from a 1940's era camera flash called a "heiland 3 cell flashgun".

    i'm sure lucas wanted anakin's saber to have a connection to the OT so he had anakin construct a saber similar to the one he'll use as vader.

    if you're wondering about the blue saber the "hanger duel" anakin comes with, it is the wrong saber. the extra one dooku comes with is probably closer to the correct one.

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    Obi-Wan's saber was lost on Naboo in the pit. He constructed a new one that's almost exactly the same.

    Anakin did the same after his first saber was destroyed on Geonosis. His second saber, similar to the first one, is the one Luke uses in ANH and ESB.

    Vader's saber is the same as his first two, but it's black and has a synthetic Sith crystal for a red blade.

    Luke's green-bladed saber from ROTJ is based on Obi-Wan's from ANH.

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    Wait! I could have swore that Obi-Wan told Luke that his new lightsaber (in ANH) belonged to his father... If it weren't 11:15, I'd confirm that.

    I might be wrong, though.

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    In the novel, didn't Obi-Wan toss his saber to Anakin during the duel? So he must be using a random green one, plus Kenobi's blue blade. He must construct a new one before Episode III.

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    Dak Powers,

    you are correct. that is why i believe the saber given to luke in episode 4 will be used by anakin in episode 3.

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    Here's the deal...... this is FULL of spoilers-- so make sure you want to read ahead.

    Anakin's lightsaber- prior to going to Genosis- is the blue-bladed lightsaber that looks almost identical to Darth Vader's lightsaber. It is the one you have pictured above as Anakin's AOTC saber.

    When Anakin goes to Genosis to rescue Obiwan, that blue lightsaber is destroyed. It gets caught in a piece of machinery as Anakin is fighting some Genosian warriors. That blue lightsaber is destroyed.

    Obiwan's lightsaber is similar, but not exactly the same, as the blue-bladed lightsaber he used in The Phantom Menace. The Phantom Menace lightsaber was kicked down the shaft, and supposedly has never been recovered. (neat toy for some non-jedi kid) Obiwan constructed a new lightsaber which was very similar.

    When Obiwan goes to Genosis, he is captured, and his blue bladed lightsaber is taken away/confiscated.

    Obiwan and Anakin and Padme are tied onto the big pillar things, where they are to be eaten by the Reek, Nexu, and other critter. As they fight those mean critters, the Jedi appear at the scene. This begins the whole jedi v. droid army scene.

    During this battle- Anakin and Obiwan are given "spare" lightsabers. Obiwan is given a blue-bladed lightsaber. Anakin is given a green-bladed lightsaber. They fight the droid army with these lightsabers.

    Eventually- Obiwan (with blue-bladed lightsaber) and Anakin (with green-bladed lightsaber) go off to fight Dooku. Anakin rushes in to attack Dooku, and Dooku uses force lightning on him- flinging him across the room. Obiwan moves in and begins to fight Dooku. During the course of their fight, Dooku wounds Obiwan. Obiwan falls to the floor. As Dooku is about to strike Obiwan down, Anakin blocks Dooku's blade.

    Anakin and Dooku now fight- and Dooku is whipping Anakin's butt. Obiwan calls out to Anakin and throws Anakin his lightsaber. Anakin now fights with his newly acquired green lightsaber (the one he was thrown in the arena) in his right hand and Obiwan's blue lightsaber (the one he was thrown in the arena) in his left hand. Now Anakin begins kicking Dooku's butt.

    But Anakin is impetuous and inexperienced, and in his anger his right arm (the one holding the green lightsaber) is chopped off by Dooku.

    Enter Yoda... Eventually, Dooku apparently picks up the green lightsaber Anakin was using.

    I hope this clears up some confusion....

    The lightsaber Luke uses in ANH and ESB is supposed to be the lightsaber Anakin makes next. It is not the blue-bladed lightsaber Anakin uses in AOTC. Anakin makes another lightsaber which is very similar- which is what Luke gets in ANH.

    The lightsaber Obiwan uses in ANH is somewhat of an anomoly. There has not been a lightsaber used by Obiwan yet which really resembles it. Perhaps that lightsaber is not made by Obiwan until he goes into isolation on Tatooine.

    The lightsaber Luke uses in ROTJ is supposed to be similar to the one Obiwan used in ANH.


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