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    Does Luke Bespin's saber hilt attach to his belt?

    To those who have already purchased this figure -- does his lightsaber attach to his belt?

    And am I wrong or is his lightsaber hilt metal?

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    that figure isn't even out in stores yet...
    but I asked me the same thing when I looked at the pics the other day where none show if the hilt can attach or not

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    I'm pretty sure it doesn't attch to his belt.

    I have no idea if it's metal or not, but I don't think so I only say that because the card doesn't seem to mention him having a Force attract feature, which he would need for them to make it metal.
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    This figure is indeed out...I saw three people with them this morning at my local Target. By the time I got back to the toy section...they were all gone! DAMN THE MAN!


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