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Thread: Large AF Ships?

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    Lightbulb Large AF Ships?

    I was just remembering what a AF designer said. That he would like to make a larger AF, not figures but make the ships like the MM Star Destroyer playset. I would love for this to happen. Some of the first ships released could be:

    1) Imperial Star Destroyer
    2) Senator Barge from EP2 with 2 Slots in the wings to hold the Naboo Fighter escorts
    3) Republic Assault Ship
    4) Mon Cal Cruiser
    5) Queen Amidala's Royal Cruiser
    6) Yuuzhan Vong Worldship

    And so on, each ship can come with say 4 figures and a Micro ship like the escape pod/ fighter that was included wuth the 3 3/4 inch figure Naboo Royal Cruiser. What do all of you guys and girls think about this? And howabout a petition to get the line going?
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    Thats a really cool idea!!!! , you could have the huge starships like star destroyes and perhaps a rebel transport :-)

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    There was the Collector Fleet line about 5 years ago that had the Star Destroyer and Super Star Destroyer. They are very similar to AFs and come with a display stand. They also produced a Collector Fleet Blockade Runner but I wasn't too interested in it. The Star Destroyers are nice because they tower over all of the AFs.

    You can usually find the Star Destroyers for about $35 on eBya but the Super Star Destroyers go for over $100.

    Here's an eBay auction for a Star Destroyer. You can at least see what it looks like if nothing else.

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    This is one of those things I would like to see also, but will probably never happen. I enjoy the scale of AF, but would like to see Larger/more-to-scale ships for the Falcon, AT-AT and perhaps the Queens ship.
    I also have and like the two Collector fleet star destroyers, but admittedly bought those since there was no AF equivalent. I had hoped there would be a Collector Fleet Droid Control Ship as the AF one looks, well, small.

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    Before the take over by Hasbro, we were forced to keep the size of the Action Fleet vehicles under six inches. This is the reason for the "cheat feature" on all of the Pod Racers. We also got away with making the Federation Landing Ship the size it was, well....because it was still less than six inches long. The wording of the contract said NOTHING about how wide it could be.

    On the third wave of AF we were able to ease up on the size limitations a little bit, but they still wanted them to have the same "percieved value" as the other ships in the collection. The reason the Queen's Starship had the telescoping finials was to get past the size restrictions - oh well!

    There were plans, toward the end, to do a series of HIGHLY accurate, HIGHLY detailed, and properly scaled AF ships. They were to be similar to Franklin Mint style ships. They failed to find an acceptable price point in the schedule for that season, so they were dropped.

    You guys were not the only ones frustrated by the scale problems.

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    I had no problem with the size of the AF. I like everyone esle would have liked to see larger AF ship/playsets like the MM line had.

    Glitch, you said "we were restricted". Were you part of the design team for the AF? And if so are you working on the AOTC AF line? Could you give us any info about, upcoming AF releases?
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    That is absolutely tragic about the death of those high-accuracy lines Glitch, after seeing the ILM models the Galoob team showed a few years ago at San Diego ComiCon, I really wanted that to happen. I bugged poor JKF about the "massaged" shape of the X-wing and Naboo fighter a few times on the old Galoob Buzz Board, so these were my Action Fleet salvation.
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