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    Lightbulb That's why the Tuskins are scared of Old-Ben...

    Remember when Old-Ben appears in ANH and scares away the Tuskins to save Luke... Hell, the Tuskins are probably still fearing the legend of the beserk robed knight (Anakin when avenging his mothers death)...

    They thought it was Anakin again...

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    Not to blow your theory, but I think the loud "Roooaarrrrrrr" you hear before the Tuskens haul butt, is supposed to be Ben doing his impression of a Kryat Dragon. At least that's what I've always thought. I have been known to make mistakes...from time to time.
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    They run because Obi-Wan immitates the vocalizations of a Kryat Dragon, as DarthChuckMc said. The possible tale of the beserk robed knight won't leave the camp in Episode II. All that is going to be found are the dismembered corpses, as Anakin slaughters the entire camp. Killing men, women, and children, leaving noone alive to spread a tale. It may result in Tuskens becoming even more superstitious and dangerous to outsiders by the time of ANH, but isn't what scared them off.

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    Obi Wan had been livin out there for a while and they know not to mess with him. I'm sure when he first took up residence they tried to bum rush him to find some goods only to quickly realize how futile it is to mess with a Jedi Master. That's how word got around with the Tuskins that when 'Ol Ben's in a bad mood you had better start runnin or else you're gonna eat dirt.
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    They're just "easily startled", that's all

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    Thumbs up

    Dammit, there blows another theory...

    O.K. Anakin slaughters the camp, surely Yoda and Obi-wan could sense that darkness inside of him at the end of the movie... ???

    And thanx for giving me the correct explaination of Old-Ben...

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    "Easily startled"? Hell, if a krayt dragon were comin' around the rocks, I think I'd run too!

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    A krayt dragon would be a cakewalk compared to an old hermit like Ben.

    Darth Ovari, in the novel Yoda does sense something is wrong with Anakin, he even hears Qui-Gonn's voice cry out from the other side.

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    I believe in ANH the tusken also see Ben coming waving his he couldn't be a k** Dragon or something....maybe it's just more of the ?'Ben Affair' in ANH.....remember...the talk in his house, c3po shuting himself down, the different point of view...
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    How could Ben make himself sound like a krayt dragon anyway?


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