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    The SSG BATTLE OF THE MACHINES Round 1 - Fight 14!!!

    Tonight it's the B-wing versus the TIE Bomber!

    I'm giving you this sure-to-be-hardcore fight early, for 2 good reasons:

    1) I'm leaving for the Star Wars Celebration in about 10 hours from this point in time when I start this match


    2) There is no decision yet in the closest match ever in the history of the SSG Battle of the Machines, Fight 13 - the Skiff vs. the AAT!

    There's one more day to vote over there in that match, but if it is tied, I am going to make the call based on counting individual posts stating fans' reasons that one vehicle is better than the other. One post per individual will be counted as a vote.

    That being said, this new match might also be very, very close!

    The Imperial Navy's TIE BOMBER was only just released about one month ago. It is still only first being found by many collectors!
    A brand new original body sculpt featuring twin body-pods and great details contributes to this first-time ever offering of this awesome vehicle! The ship is quite a good sized vehicle and features an opening cockpit that holds one TIE Pilot action figure that's included. The difference between this figure and the carded one released in 1996 would be jointed knees, and it's equivalent to the pilot that comes with this year's Toys R Us exclusive, the Interceptor. Meanwhile, the TIE Bomber is a Wal*Mart Exclusive that makes a blast on the collectors' sites with 3 detailed plasma bombs that are gravity activated from a firing control on top of the ship's weapons module!

    The B-wing fighter rounds out the Starfighter Fleet of the Rebel Alliance and makes its debut in the modern collection with updated colors used in the remake of the 1984 Kenner mold. The ship now boasts membership in Blue Squadron which was used in the Battle of Endor to attack the Imperials' more heavily armed capital ships. The B-wing fighter features remote activated landing gear, and by swiveling a carefully camaouflaged knob that serves as an engine exhaust nozzel, the ship's attack S-foils can be deployed! Detailed weapons bristle from every extremity of the ship, including the gravity operated rotating cockpit which swivels to keep the Sullustan pilot (included) always in a position that matches the basic 1st dimensional plane of the interstellar battlefield!

    These ships represent the smallest heavy assault craft of the Imperial and Rebel navies.

    Which one of them could be your favorite Hasbro toy?

    Vote now and let the battle begin!

    (Again, if it's close, I will count one vote per discussion post, per person. Have fun with the thread discussing the merits of each ship, but don't forget the AAT and the Skiff in the Fight 13 post)

    See you after the Celebration!

    Fight on!
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    I own neither and have seen neither in person - that being said I'll vote Bomber. Both ships seem very cool from the images I've seen, so it's almost a toss up. I'll give the Bomber credit for being an all new release. I'm not sure I like the use of a Sullustan pilot though, he seems too unique if someone wanted to collect a fleet of B-Wings.

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    Not yet owning the TIE Bomber, which was just released, I cannot render an opinion. Are you gonna do Ep 2 vehicle battles? If not, then I think this one may have to go too.
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    I have to go with the Bomber. I don't know how close this thing is to scale, but it seems pretty darn close to me. Its so cool. The B-Wing was overpriced, under-sized, and had a bad pack-in figure to boot. (Not saying that the TIE pilot was better, but at least it was more generic.)

    Bomber all the way.

    EDIT: What was that "code" - hot/not - all about? More mysteries produced in the weee hours of the morn. This is indeed a disturbing place.
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    To answer JediTricks question:

    Yes, Episode 2 vehicles will take each other on in the final 2 rounds of the Preliminaries. Waiting another week for the first of these matches will allow more people who plan to purchase them the chance, plus allow others an opportunity to open them if they have not already done so! Geeze my latest favorite ship is amongst those!

    Meanwhile, I did the best I could to keep ships from the same movies together, so prejudice concerning one film or another, or the fact that no one has seen one movie yet, would not influence the decisions on which was the better toy.

    Surely everyone can at least see these toys in the stores now. None seem to be VHTF.

    To answer Wolfwood's question and comment:

    JediTricks had a typo and he took care of that. We can all edit our posts now if we want to, since that is no longer an issue.

    "Typo" is not a Star Wars character. (yet)

    As to the B-wing, the toy size to the supposedly real ship scale in proportion to a figure is questionable. I just wanted people to note that I shrank the image of the B-wing in my picture I made of the ships fighting, in order to make it appear that the B-wing was further away and chasing the Bomber.

    As long as I'm posting this early in the match, I'll reveal that I voted for the B-wing. In spite of longing for a TIE Bomber for just about all of my natural life, for a big ship, it could have had more features (like forward firing missles, too). Don't get me wrong - I love it. But the B-wing is chock-full of fun stuff to do with it , and the fact that they recognized that the Alliance had alien pilots in their squadrons was too cool! I gotta give Hasbro kudos for the packaging on both ships though! Nice job!

    But I vote for the B-wing.

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    Actually, it wasn't a typographical error, I was testing a board feature "code" and since I was here, it was the right place at that time. Dunno what this new editing thing Tycho is talking about though.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    Kylo Ren - came from Space Brooklyn, although he moved to Space Williamsburg before it was trendy.

    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.

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    Just didn't want all the excitement of typographical errors to take away from the somewhat less interesting discussion we could have about these vehicles. That's all

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    Gotta go with the TIE Bomber, even though this is a real tough close call for me. I love the detail work, and the movie correct paint job they did on the B-Wing, but it's still just a retooled and repainted vintage vehicle.

    Hasbro really showed what they could do with all new molds, instead of re-issued ships. I wish they would do more new versions of the OT ships, instead of just re-issuing the old ones. Don't get me wrong, I love the fact that I can buy new versions of the vintage ships. But totally new versions like Vader's Tie, The Tie Bomber, and the Power FX X-wing are so much better.

    The B-Wing does look alot better in it's crisp new Blue paintjob. The pilot is a big snore though. They should have packed Jorg Sucal in with the B-wing, that would have been alot cooler. Heh, I just thought of it. Lucas has now appeared as both an Imperial TIE Pilot in the Action Fleet line, and now a Rebel Pilot in the Hasbro line.

    I am pleased that this makes my 2000th post, and I would like to thank everyone that has to sit thru my defending of the toys and movies that I love so much. I wanted to be sure I could become a Dark Master in Tycho's great battle poll thread. Now Big Barada and I, will start contacting the other siths and inviting them to a party. Remember only 2 there are, a Master (Big Barada) and an Apprentice (Myself, Darth Binks). Just kidding you guys, you're all great, and I am proud to be part of this great community. As always:

    MTFBWY and HH!!

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    I voted for the B-Wing, because I believe it has much more playability. It is awesome fun to fly around attacking other vehicles with the swivel cockpit reacting to each and every turn. Sure it can be exciting with the bomber to fly-by a innocent landed ship and drop a few bombs, but come on! Wouldn't you rather be flying around in a chase? B-Wing all the way!

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    I wasn't expecting a battle like this until the later rounds. They both seem to be great. Both of these were exclusives, right? Target and Walmart?

    I voted for the B-Wing because I don't have the Tie Bomber to compare it to. Granted, I haven't really looked too hard for it. IT seems to do more than the bomber. Yes, the figure is pretty lame, especially since it is almost the same on that came in the Rebel Pilots cinema scene.

    For the record, isn't "Typo" the guy at Hasbro who edits all of the text that goes on the Force Files and cards?
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