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    sears has reek\starfighter

    for anyone who is looking for either try your local sears
    i believe the reek was $24.99
    and the starfighter was 34.99 or 39.99
    **i thought the reek was going to be bigger**

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    I'm waiting for Wal-Mart to get those two, as they will be $5 to $10 cheaper there.
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    actually wally land is the same price as TRU!
    34.99 for the starfighter and 25.00 for the reek.
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    Really? My Wal-Mart had Starfighters for $29.92 and Reeks for $19.92. I grabbed a Starfighter but passed on the Reek as they don't seem to be going anywhere just yet and cash is an issue right now with multiple birthdays approaching and a hefty car insurance bill to pay...


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