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    Backgrounds rarity

    Exactly how 'rare' are background figs.
    Do you think they are worth keeping carded .
    I like opening my figs but if these are fairly rare id consider getting ones to open.

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    well, after going to 4 different stores the bg figures were available at about a 20:1 (20 with to 1 w/out)

    i personally am hunting for all 16 with em (missing only 2 now )

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    So, the ones without backgrounds are rarer?
    And by that much?

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    I think the only really hard one to find is Dexter with insert with the word "pipe" uncovered

    I only saw 1 of these out of about 16-20 Dexter's
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    How many Dexters did you find with a background, 16-20????

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    My local K-Mart has all the background figs (1-17 )except the battle droid. Why is this one so hard to find?
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    odd, mine has tons of bg bdroids....

    It appears though that the bg figs arent all that scarce

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    I think it has to do with region. I mean depending on where you live one may be harder to find that others. I have them all, but found them all at different stores and in different areas. All in all it seems that the last 4 are the hardest to find, with Dexter being the hardest. Still, value right now is even money. 8 months from now may be a different story. Think about how much a Weequay with the FF is worth compared to the GC one. There is a $350 difference there. I doubt any of these will ever get up that high, just because of the shear quantities. Still, in the long run they may be the premier figures in the collection.
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    Dextyer is plentiful out here, no bg one though.

    Yoda/dooku/lumin/tuan are totally gone from NJ. Got em all the first day, after that , nothing around.

    I dont think these will ever break the 20-30$ barrier, just wondering it they would be worth keeping as is and getting replacements

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    I have yet to find a Dexter with background. He is the last one i need.
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