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    Should Tarkin be in Ep. III?

    After reading a few threads, I hope that we see Tarkin in Ep. III. It make sense, I guess Tarkin would be in his early 40's. His rank might be a captain, general or an admiral. I don't know if the "Moff" rank will be used until Palpatine takes total control of the republic. But my question is in ANH (IV) was Tarkin Vader's superior? Perhaps they known each other for years after Ep. III.

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    I think Tarkin should be developed in Ep 3.He didn't get that position over night.He refers to Vader as "Old friend" But on an asumption at least there's close to 20 years Between three and four.SO I don't know about that.But I do think he should be developed.
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    I believe Vader was sent to aid Tarkin by the Emperor. He listens to Tarkin's requests because that is what the Emperor instructed him to do. It is similar to Darth Maul's role with the Nemoidians. I do remember reading about Tarkin in one of the pre-classic trilogy novels, as well. I want to say it was Rougue Planet but I could be very wrong. I have only read the Hardback novels, so it had to be one of them. Hope this helps.
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    Question Will Grand Moff Tarkin make an appearance in EPIII?

    Grand Moff Tarkin in ANH is clearly superior to Vader. However, Moff Tarkin, as far as we know, is not a Jedi or Sith Lord. How on earth does he squeeze in between Palpatine and Vader. Or is he merely the top administrator of the Death Star. Surely he must make an appearance in EPIII.

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    Lucas said that there is a possibility that he show up, but only if he's needed for the story. He's not going to just throw classic charecters into the movie without reason. Commander Wilhuf Tarkin does appear in the E1 Novel, "Rogue Planet" though.

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    I disagree, I believe Moff Tarkin was just in charge of the Death Star. He wasn't Vader's Superior. He never checked Vader. When he said release him, it seem to mean, "come on Vader, let him go so we can get back to the problems at hand". Besides, Vader couldn't just kill Tarkin because Tarkin was in charge of the Emperor's main weapon.

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    I'm not so sure about that. After all, Vader's response to Tarkin is a compliant "As you wish"--the same subordinate response he gives to the Emperor time and time again.

    Also, don't forget Leia's comment that she should've expected to see Tarkin "holding Vader's leash."

    This suggests that the Emperor perhaps placed Vader under the temporary command of Tarkin.
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    I kinda hope Tarkin does appear in EPIII. As a kid I was totally thrilled when I saw Tarkin looking all smugged once the death star was ready to fire and suddenly... BOOM!! He was toasted!

    I do feel that he should appear in the third installment of SW but not having a leading role rather more like a brief introduction of him perhaps. But then again if what JJB said was true that characters not vital enough to help improve the storyline would be omitted, then I highly doubt that he will feature at all.
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    I would like to see Tarkin and Chewbacca in Episode III. Depending when the time setting is, maybe a very young Han Solo working on a swoop bike or stealing something.
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    I think Tarkin could be somewhat vital in EP3. In ANH when Vader tells him that Obi-Wan is on the Death Star, Tarkin reacts like he knew Obi-Wan personally. I believe he will be in EP3 with a moderate role.

    As for Tarkin being Vaders superior, I believe that is true to a point. Tarkin was in head of the Death Star, and yes Vader said as you wish, but in no way does that mean he had Emperor control over Vader. Vader would have snapped Tarkin's neck just like anybody else if he had gotten outta line.


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