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    Anyway. Cats. I have a Siamese and he really is a mean little turd but hes nice most of the time.

    I like dogs too..but eh, cats get my vote.
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    I like cats more than Dogs,pretty much all Cats are cute (a few ugly ones here and there) but they are so tiny and cute ,Plus they do their stuff in other peoples yard so that you don't get stuck with it

    "Most" Dogs are Ugly in my opinion,eeeeehhhhhhh! The worst creature god created
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    Thumbs up


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    There are some cute dogs. Like chihuahuas. Except some have those wart lookin things pokin out on their faces....chihuahua is a funny word isn't it? Just say it a few times and you can't help but giggle like a little school girl.

    Rex hounds. Now them is some ugly cats...
    "Two in the box, ready to go, we be fast, and they be slow!"
    Check out my art at The Terrace Room!

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    Cats. We've had several of both over the years and dogs seem to be big, slobbering, doofi (with the exception of one golden retriever we had when I was younger) and cats are cool and aloof. I guess cats just reflect my personality better.
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    i like both. end of story.

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    Are you serious, bigbarada? If so, did you puke it all up after you realized it was dog?

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    Yeah, I seriously ate dog. However, it didn't provoke any kind of sickness when I found out what it was. I was just like, "Whoa, cool." It's not like Koreans just grab any ol' dog off the street and cook 'em up, they actually breed dogs specially to be eaten. In fact, any American units wanting mascots would usually go to grocery stores to get the cheapest dogs. Wierd, but true.
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    Wow... GNT is trying to milk out any post possible.

    I feel a great disturbance in the Force.

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    I absolutely love the personality of cats and also favor thwm because they are low-maintenence. I appreciate their not being needy and wanting attention all the time. Also, they don't lick your face. And you don't have to follow them with a pooper scooper. However, it is rare that I meet a dog I don't like. Only a few things bug me about dogs. Number one being that they bark. A really loud dog can annoy the heck out of me. I was just saying to my girlfriend recently that it would be cool to be a wiener dog. I agree that they rule. So I will probably only own cats, thugh I dig dogs, too. But not enough to eat them.


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