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    Cat OR Dog Which Do You Like The Most???

    I was thinking (as I'm sure most of you do) which animal do you like the most, CAT or DOG???

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    Dogs - the Dachshund and Boxer to be precise.

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    Well my cat is in the room so I have to say cats.I do like dogs to,but if it came down to it .I would go with cats.
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    I will have to say Dog.
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    But since this is a SW site ( ), I'd go with a bantha. They're so furry and nice, especially if you rub their horns! They have the funniest giggle when you do that. I'd name my bantha Bruce.
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    I like cats, but dogs....i love them!!
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    I used to be allergic to cats when I was a kid, but had no problem with dogs. Now strangely enough my allergies seem to have reversed themselves. Dogs make me sneeze and my eyes water and cats provoke no allergic reaction. Given that I must say that I still like dogs better.
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    Dogs. Every time a winner. How can you like a cat when they are the most fickle *?@@%$&*! known to man. The minute you turn your back a cat will run off to someone else because they have a warmer house or better food or a comfier lap. I hate cats cuz they wreck my garden by spraying everywhere and digging up the plants to bury their poo. I hate cats cuz they scream all night and fight like girls.
    Dogs are ever faithful and protective. Dogs care when you are unwell and will lie down beside you to give comfort. Dogs are companions. Dogs don't leave you for another owner and never call or write. Dogs come back when they're called and give love in abundance... Hell, dogs are gonkin' great!!!!!

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    Well cat meat tastes better. Oh i'm just kidding.
    I like dogs better.

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    Actually dogs taste pretty good, while I was in Korea I unintentionally ate some "dog bacon" as best I can describe it. It was alright but a little flat when compared to regular bacon.
    Civilized men are more discourteous than savages because they know they can be impolite without having their skulls split. - Robert E. Howard


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