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    Don't Step in the Dooku!!

    Holy Crap!! I just looked on eBay and there are over 500 postings for the new AOTC Count Dooku figure!!!!!

    I know this is the hard one to find in the stores right now and I see why. I want this fig just as much as all you others that haven't found it yet, but don't give in to the Dark Side!! Give it time, just like the TPM Darth Mauls, I'm sure the Dookus will be in all the stores soon enough.

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    What I find funny is the scalpers flooded their own market. Yesterday they were going for between $40.00 - $60.00.


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    this is getting a bit crazy! just wade out this dry spell of dookus and be patient for the downpoor of them! patience is a virtue...
    Sampsonite! i was way off!

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    Patience is a game you play with cards.....

    It's not even a very good figure. I can wait all year for one if i have to. Sure I'd like a Dooku to add to my Sith collection but not so desperately I'd sell my Mother to get one. Although...... No, I'll just wait it out and find one when I find one. They always wing their way to me eventually. Oer maybe I'll just wait for a better resculpt without the gimmick. I'm not sure I want to be squeezing Christopher Lee's legs to make his arm twitch. I don't know what example that sets to youngsters with regards to old people and how to treat them. Wonder how many kids will be squeezing Grandpa's legs to make him slash his 'lightsaber' walking cane?

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    I think it's a great figure. It looks awesome. I've got some already I just won't scalp them.

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    Nor will I...... scalpers are scum of the earth.......

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    I cant wait till I get one.... I just want one! When is the 12 inch Dooku coming out?
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    This figure was actually on the BOTTOM of my list. The only reason I bought it on the 23rd was so that I would have all 27!

    The other night I went to ebay to check prices, etc.

    577 listings for Dooku's most were closing around $30.00!!! Even worse was the fact that 75% already had bids on them! Even the ones that had like 6 days left?!?!

    A FOOL and their money are soon parted. Do these idiots even remember the EP1 Darth Maul craze? He warmed pegs for almost 2 years in some parts of the country!


    I'll just get down off of my soapbox now.
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    Count Dooku is one funny name to name a dark lord it's like if someone might call him Count Dookie .

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    I am waiting on A Dooku as well I remember how I couldn't find A Maul to save my life and I ended up buying six of them last christmas at .99 apiece. As for ebay all have to say about scalpers is who is the more foolish the fool or the fool that follows, or did Obi-Wan say that...
    "One day I will become the most powerful Jedi (Sith) ever." Anakin Skywalker, Epi.II

    Yoda is forever my hero now...


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